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I'm the King. I'm the King...

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Kurtis_Strange, Jan 11, 2006.

  1. ...and you're all peasants :butt:

    hey just kidding guys! :grin: but while I have your attention, I've changed my name....'duncank' just doesn't do it for me, its a business email I use and not what I go by.

    Name's Kurt, but you can call me Kurtis, or 'King'.....or 'KingKurtis'....*reaches for flame suit* :LOL:

  2. Question is, who was 'duncank'? :LOL:
  3. dunno, but he's posted 400 times more than you, whoever you are :p
  4. How did you change your name? Seems to me you cannot change your username?
  5. :shock: ...... :? :grin:
  6. I for one refuse to accept this name change kurt….i mean duncank.

    Geez I dunno, new bike, new name, anyone would think your trying to forget the past mate? Your not in witness relocation are you?
  7. well at 34 SOME people might call it a mid-life crisis...:LOL:...nah I'm all set here ;)

    Reason for the name change is when I first got here the name was the fastest and most convenient way of asking a question on this forum....didn't expect to want to hang around but like alot of people have found this place very welcoming and a great source of info.

    btw Jono, I'm seriously looking at Hyosung would you believe :shock:
  8. How did you manage to change your user name? I thought it was fixed once chosen?
  9. Yes, well I paid someone alot of money....and, well there we have it ;)

    *edit* oh yes...and I'm the King :p
  10. I believe you have to talk very sweetly to one of the mods. But I've never changed my name so don't quote me on that :)
  11. He is the king, he can do anything he friggin likes :LOL:

  12. and why would you? such a sweet name it is :)
  13. xxsteve was once something-else-steve, so it's not without precedent
  14. I want to change my name to Hornet600.5

  15. All bribe money is payable to me and i'll consider any reasonable offer
  16. yes regardless of my 'King Status' I am now shopping for a moped after paying Vic off...:p
  17. .05 would keep you under the limit :LOL:
  18. That's so lame I just might change it to Hornet60cc :p
  19. yeah do it! :LOL:

    that could be the new threat from the mods...."behave or we'll knock some power off ya bike name" :twisted: