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I'm the guy they warned u about

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by GixaJace, Aug 10, 2014.

  1. Hello guys & gals. I'm a 34 yo male who just bought my first road bike. L1 GSXR600. Bought it in august 2013. Didn't even have my L's. Spur of the moment thing.

    Guess what happens next?

  2. Uncle Greg asks if you're hot?
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  3. I'm guessing since you're posting this a year after you got the bike that you got booked and haven't been riding while serving a twelve months ban of some sort...
  4. You just bought it or you bought it in 2013, which is it ?

  5. Am I close?
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  6. Hornet. Nearly bang on man. Got done on a Tuesday morning thru a booze bus after taking it to get my front brake booster rectified.
  7. damn.. I was gonna go with "got chick preggers, she said "me or the bike", and now you can't afford licence for the bike you kept" :D
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    Except the 12 month thingo.

    Old corollas. I just had the kid from the chick I got preggas so I thought I'd get a hella fast bike. Pretty close

    So I'm here to say hello. That's all. Quickly tho, my financial status at the time allowed me to buy the bike. It was brand new 0'klms. I prob couldn't afford the bike a year on with a toddler and house. I have friends on bikes who I've rode with although I've only done 4000klms in a year. I've had dirt bikes before so I'm not a total noob.
    I wish to contribute and be a part of netrider. So I'm saying hello. I'm open to critasizim all for the greater good
  9. What's to criticise? Your life, welcome aboard.
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    Welcome Gixajace, where about are you based? Don't worry to much about the stirrers above, they mean well ;)
  11. welcome aboard :] as for being open to criticism, this is netrider that's not even an optional extra:]
  12. I'm outer, outer eastern melb. So my backyard is those roads. I'm not stressed about comments I was expecting them. We're all human and we all live and learn alongside each other if we're honest enough to admit our faults. Ive been reading netrider for months now so I'd like to contribute. After all , information is good for everyone to make up there own minds on what works in there lives
  13. Gixxers are ok. I also have a 2011 600. Is nice.
  14. Go to the corner right now!!!!!!!
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  15. Welcome to NR !
  16. Some maxtreme gopro footage demonstrating mor skilz then money?
  17. OMG @RichiB@RichiB get a spell checker man.
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  18. Hey how u goin. Have u ever thought about dropping a tooth in the front to take off with the litre bikes abit easier?
  19. Welcome.