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I'm the ____________ Advisory Council

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by Bravus, Apr 24, 2008.

  1. Harold Scruby has been making me think. He's an annoying PITA, but for basically just him and a fax machine, he's actually got a fair bit of influence. Pity he doesn't use his powers for good... but we can!

    So how about it? If you had no life, and decided to devote your life to passionate advocacy for (or against) something... what would it be?
  2. Keeping 4WD drivers on their side of the road :mad:
  3. Proper rider and driver training for beginners....
  4. Sign me up!
  5. Propilots environment advisory council.
  6. Pro-Pilots Literary Engineer
  7. Pro-Pilots Get a Life, and a Girl Advisory Council
  8. I'd push to have me allowed on the GRO rides :wink: :LOL:

  9. oooo tough gig
  10. The banning of low pants that show bum crack or underpants

    Known as the PYFPU party [pull your fcuking pants up]

  11. ^^ HA HA HA HA

    Seriously though, how do their pants stay up past their knees???

  12. You know what the funny thing is though? He still gets far more media time than anyone from teh MRA ever manages to get...............

    Regards, Andrew.
  13. The anti Pedestrian council of Australia :idea:
  14. Here we go again...:roll:

    He's basically a NSW phenomenon. There is no MRA in NSW - and no Harold Scruby in Victoria.

    He makes a lot of noise but show me any results from his pet peeves...

    He hasn't managed to ban bullbars yet.
  15. That's because he's an annoying, fanatical twat. Annoying, fanatical twats make a good story.

    As for influence, I can tell you from first-hand experience that people in government departments listen to annoying fanatical twats and accede to their wishes, in the vain hope that said twat will go away and annoy someone else. Doesn't happen of course, but we always lived in hope :grin: .

    Alternatively, the annoying fanatical Twat gets hold of the contact details of someone low on the totem pole, who wasn't savvy enough to avoid dealing with them, either by phone or in person. Having made contact, the Twat then proceeds to make the unfortunate underling's life utter hell, sometimes for a matter of years.

    Eventually one of two things happens. Either the underling suffers a nervous breakdown and fcuks off to breed angora goats in Burracoppin (Pop 7) for the rest of their natural span, or they quietly give the Twat the contact details of someone higher up the chain. The underling then breathes a sigh of relief (until the results trickle back down to their level of course) and the Twat goes and repeats the process further up the chain of command.

    After repeating the cycle two or three times, the Twat will succeed in making contact with someone with considerable influence but too thick or too innocent to see them for what they are (the upper echelons of the state public services are thick with them, if you'll excuse the pun). Presto, the Twat is now a Twat with influence.

    During my time in the PS, I observed at least one serious Twat per year follow this course. All succeeded in gaining more influence than was proper for someone of their limited IQ and unlimited psychiatric problems.

    Ergo, we can deduce that the MRA don't get much coverage and don't strike fear into the hearts of public servants because they're not annoying fanatical twats . :grin:

    Sorry, I'll stop ranting now and wipe the spit off the screen.

    By the way, the goats say hello :grin: .
  16. I'm with Harold, I'd dedicate my life to: "the promotion of walking as a legitimate transport mode and an important, healthy, social activity". I would escalate the struggle however by using any means necessary to achieve my aims in an X'esque parody.

    The first rule of advocacy? Only squeaky wheels get greased.