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I'm such an IDIOT!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Paulie, Jun 29, 2005.

  1. I'm on my bike L plates and just got busted doing 83 in a 60 zone, just checked my demerit points online and I am clean out of points. Anyone know if I'd be able to go on that "probationary thing' where you are allowed to continue driving aslong as you dont lose more than 2 points? And if i went on that would I still be allowed to ride?

    I asked the cop that booked me and he said that the points are all together and that my bike L's is pretty much the same as my drivers license... so I dunno??????

    Any ideas of getting out of the points??? And any idea if I;ll be stopped from riding and for how long??/ :cry:
  2. exceeding speed limit by 10/24kph - 3 points

    you have the option of keeping your licence, however if you get a single point in the following 12 months your licence is suspended for double the original time.

    that's the victorian rules anyway, there might be some evil rule in nsw where if you lose a single point on your L's you lose your licence. that rings a bell :shock: hope that isn't the case
  3. scraped in under the instant loss by 3kph

    your bike Ls are linked to your car licence, lose one, lose them both unfortunately. but i'm pretty sure if you're out of points, you will get the 12 month 0 points / 3 months loss options.

    so lose the licence for 3 months and get all your points back
    be REAL good for 12 months and get your points back

    personally, i'd take the 3 months loss, but could be painful for getting to work depending on the situation.....
  4. I have unrestricted drivers license, but been on L's for 2 months on bike.... I was thinkin of taking the 12 month good behaviour..... but I'd lose the bike L's for sure hey??
  5. Okay, this is NSW, the rules are.

    If you clock up 1 point on your L's, you lose your bike license.

    If you clock up 12 points combined between bike and car, you lose both.

    Unless it's an instant disqualification one, like 30 kph over, or DUI, then you lose both straight away.

    But there's a twist. On your L's, for minor offenses, they may let you keep your L's.

    I got caught by a speed camera doing over 50 kph in a 50 zone, but under 10 k's over on my L's. It was at the RTA discretion to suspend my license. Because it was a low speed infringment, under 10 kph, they let me keep my L's.

    I did pay the fine on time as well.

    I didn't go to court, or question. I called them up to check what the procedure was, they told me it was at their discretion. A month later later I did my P's.

    Yes, I was lucky.
  6. BTW, you can just give the RTA a call and ask. What I did :)
  7. shit, apologies, i assumed you were in vic :oops:

    well, i gave you some handy info for if you move down here :LOL:
  8. Dont like your chances . 23 over the limit in their eyes isnt a small infringment . But ring them and check regardless. BTW , how do you check up on-line how many points you have?
  9. I cant believe this happened, I was just cruisin down the road to get petrol and now I'm gonna lose my L's..... (I will call rta tomorrow) but I wanna know now what will happen... so maybe I'll lose L's for just 3 months??
  10. NSW Rta has a section called myrta which you can login with your license details and it displays your points.

    Also allows you to do an addy change without having to come in. Auto mails you out the change of address stickers.

    Fairly certain unless you can get off on a technicality, your L's are gone for 3 months :(
  11. 3 months suspension is worst case scenario. Seriously, don't stress about it until you give them a call, and then get the letter.

    I was all stressed about mine, and zip happened.
  12. I lost my license 3 times in the 1970's. Then you had a different license for car and bike. So I just had to drive when I lost my bike license, and vice versa.
    Those were bad days, they used to pull you over just for not wearing a helmet!
  13. hahaha thats funny greenguzzi!

    This will be the FOURTH time I will have lost my drivers license! 1st time for bike though :cry:
  14. Hey Paulie,
    What are you doing wrong??
  15. Or ring VicRoads and ask .. for free :)
  16. For NSW you log onto the RTA web site and follow the links to "Check your demerit points"

  17. hahah thats not bad.. how old are you?
  18. people wondered why I said I was worried about losing my licence because my bike was too damn fast :shock:
  19. I'm 23 years old, been driving about 6 years I guess...

    I rang the RTA just now and they said that if i take the '1 Year probationary license thingy' then I'll be restricted to 2 points and if I lose those 2 points then my license is gone for 6 months. BUT!!! the good news is that because motorbike license and car license are the same I can still ride and I can still go for my P's in a month or two! I'm so freaking happy! The dude on the phone better not have told me the wrong info!! But when I asked him if i can still go for my P's on the bike in a month he asked me to hold on and he went and douible checked and said that yeah its fine! YAY!!!!

    I was driving home from work just now, doing the speed limit and it took me an extra 10 minutes!!! this next year is gonna be hard! ESPECIALLY on the bike! .... If I get busted lane-splitting how many points would I get pinged for?