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im such a dork

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by Wild Violet, Jun 25, 2006.

  1. well first i should say hello, ive been a member for a while know but havent really introduced myself as yet...
    looking at bikes at the moment but still on 4 wheels for now, why am i a dork?

    because im starting to realise that the anticipation is getting to me and im starting to talk to strangers with bikes and staring at bikes whenever i get the chance.. saw a bloke on saturday at my local shell here in shepp riding a yellow triumph with daytona sticker and was behind my hyundai waiting for the bowser ,found myself saying what a good day it must be for a ride and then said" i get my own bike next month hopefully! have a nice day!" jumped in the car and left... got down the road and thought about how silly my comment must have been...
    also after being a pillion for a while now, find myself nodding at bikes while im in the car, no wonder i dont get a nod back!! natural dag i guess..! :grin: :LOL:
  2. Nah, this is normal, was at coffe shop in drouin last weekend, this little kid (3ish i guess) came up and said "my dads got a bike", sure enough 2 mins later dad comes along being dragged by said kid and starts chatting (he has an R6). It's so cool ridding a bike way more friendly than tearing along in a cage.
  3. yeah my six year old does it too, tells everyone" my mums getiin a bike a my dad's not happy!"
  4. LOL, why??? isn't he alowed to get one and play with the big kids??
  5. nope he dont want me riding ,see my previous posts for all the winging ( i mean goss) :LOL:
  6. Its good to see you are that excited about getting a bike Wild Violet, hope you dont have to wait too long although whatever happens the wait is worth it! :)
  7. lol, this is normal behaviour. It only gets worse, or better !!!! :grin: :grin: :grin:
  8. Yep - welcome to the asylum - it does get worse not netter -but it is worth it - someone has a signature with a note to the effect "ever wondered why dogs hang their heads out the car window, ask a motorbike rider" i reckon this sums it up well.
  9. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
  10. the word 'normal' being subject to some interpretation, of course :LOL:
  11. It has started, the addiction creeps up on you slowly until you start feeling like you are part of something bigger.

    It's the same for most of us who get bikes "later" in life, I did it all the time untill I got a bike.

    Now I hate answering oh just a 250 at the moment!

    Have fun it only gets better from now
  12. :grin:
    Welcome to the funny farm!

    I used to love motorbikes as a kid, and can still remember sitting on the back of dad's ancient Yamaha (I don't recall what type) while he rode me across the back yard with my "uncles" watching.

    I always loved Ducatis too. A friend of my dad's owned a Panta and we could hear him a kilometre away. I'm now considering an ST3 for my next machine.

    Like you, I used to eye off bikes and am still in the habit of acknowledging riders when I'm in a car or on a bus. Heck, even when I'm walking!

    As to your husband being unhappy about it, that's his problem. You'll love having a bike, and your boy sounds like he will too.
  13. G'day wild violet, go for it. the more people you talk to the better your knowlege on getting the right bike/gear for you will be. Buit dont stop there get into the bike shops sit on every 250 you can and pester the c**p out of the dealers for info. even get quotes for what you want and play each dealer with the same bike off against each other for the best deal. if you show your keen to learn there's plenty of us willing to talk to you.
    I have been stopped by many people wanting to know about my bike/gear etc and am only too pleased to oblige. Go see Zac, Roy and glenn at roy hill motors in shepp (high street). even if you dont want a Yamaha at least chat to them about gear.
    Zac is fantastic in that area.
    Good luck and have loads of fun in your journey to the wonderful world of 2 wheels!!! that's what its all about.
  14. By the way YOU ARE NOT A DORK!!!!!
    you are just like the rest us crazzed buggers that like to fly on 2 wheels .
    I do the same thing walking down the street. get a few wierd looks from the riders. :p :p :shock:
  15. You're definitely not a dork - unless of course there's something else that you've not mentioned :LOL:

    You're just getting yourself into the right frame of mind for motorcycle ownership. :wink:
  16. no comment :wink:
    nope its my little girl!! :LOL:
    doin that at shepp suzkuki, theres a zzr "02 model in there but the seller wont come down to$5k! :?
  17. It's NOT dorkiness, Violet, it a defining moment. You have caught the disease; there is no cure; submit and go with it.

    Your bike will become your second love. When it is clean and sparkly, you'll wheel it out in the sun just to look at it, even if you don't intend to ride it.

    You'll make up excuses to go out to the shed, just so you can run your hand over the smooth gloss of the tank, and smell the indefinable smell that only a motorcycle can exude.

    You'll find reasons to ride the bike to the same destination of the rest of the family who are going in the car.

    And in the dead of winter, whe you've just had a crash and common sense tells you you've got plenty of time to fix it, you'll go out to the shed and night and cry with the bends and breaks and scratches, and be on the phone on the same day as the accident, seeing how quickly you can get it back on the road.....

    You, dear lady, are doomed; welcome to the land of similar tragics.....
  18. Hi wild violit, I do the same thing now so don't worry, before I had my I even thought about getting a bike I would rant and rave at hubby for talking to people with bike or if he stopped and talked to ones with bikes, But I'm finding I'm doing that now so I'm a dork toooo :LOL:
  19. Traded my ex for the bike, best swap I ever made!
  20. snap, when my ex pulled the pin i bought a VFR 800, TTR250 and a Jetskii, shit i miss her,,, oh not the ex, the TTR i had to sell her when i bought a second house.