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I'm such a D***HEAD

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Data Queue, Jun 10, 2010.

  1. 8-[OK Guys I'm an idiot. Please this is going to 2 technical questions so please bare with me.

    I dropped my bike tonight. My fault and i feel like a right dick because of it. 250k on it. But as far as drops go it could have been far worse. Was a 0kmh drop.

    Bike: Hyo GT650R (only 250km on it :( )

    From what I can tell:
    1. RH lower fairing scratched. I can replace or repaint this at a later date and it is not a big deal
    2. Broken brake lever :(
    3. Scratch on muffler (very small)
    4. Small scratch on the front RHS mirror.
    As far as visible damage that is about it.

    Technical question 1. When i picked the bike back up there was a small amount of what looked like water on the ground. However when i picked it back up it didn't leak anymore once the drops stopped. Is this something like an overflow dropping water because it went down or should I be more concerned.

    Technical(ish) Question 2. I can see on hyosungsource.com the brake lever is about $29 us. Any ideas how much they are in Australia and where I can pick one up in Brissy?

    AS far as the leak goes I rode the bike home and all seemed well with temp and riding. Except i had to limp it home only using the rear brake :(

    I will fix the cosmetic damage but i need to know if i should be more worried about the fluid/coolant and where I can grab a quick and cheap brake lever tomorrow or on the weekend and how much in AUS I am up for.

    Thanks guys..

    \very embarrased, oh the shame!!!!!!
  2. I had a stationary drop the first day I got my bike & also found a fluid underneath. I think mine was fuel that came out of an overflow tube (GS500). Have not had an issue since :). Good luck with your repairs man. Glad it wasn't too bad.
  3. Try for aftermarket lever (if that`s what u want)...be careful, though...I questioned & questioned (cause I got 1 from the same place a year before) and girl at desk said "no, we only got genuine"...like $70 or so...walking out the door, was approached by (Manager??)...asked me if I needed help...told him they only had genuine..he went up to desk & produced the aftermarket 1 I wanted...so it pays to perservere sometimes
  4. It happens dude, bikes fall over. Some bikes have a need to have a lie down everynow and then. Of the 20 or so bikes I've owned it was only certain ones that kept falling over, others seemed to live a charmed life in my hands.

    Don't beat yourself up over it, just be clear in your mind about what happened, learn your lesson so you dont repeat the performance, replace the lever and get on with riding it.

    As for the coolant leak, just check the level as per the user manual, and top it up if need be. Keep an eye on it to make sure it's not leaking but I'd be surprised if you've busted anything in a 0km/h fall like that.

    Now you've scratched the pipe it's a good time to get a Two Brothers bolt on and make that 650 sound like it should. Very cool.
  5. go to a general accessories store. In NSW we have MCAS for examples. I'd be suprised if the lever wasn't the same as many other bikes. $20-25.

    As for the fluid, it shouldn't have been petrol as the bike is FI. Find your coolant overflow tank and make sure the level is correct. Also check your battery type. If it is an older type "wet" battery it will likely need topping up.
  6. a short piece of rigid plastic tubing is always a good thing to carry - it can be slipped over a broken brake or clutch lever to get you home.

    And I can sympathise - I dropped my first new bike on gravel on the way back from the dealers. Only a small tank dent but it's very embarrasing when no-one else has even seen it...
  7. Attention n00bs: this is precisely the reason why we tell learners NOT to buy a brand new bike.

    Not that I should be complaining, this is partly the reason I got a ZZR250 with only 5000 kms at a 35% discount to what the owner paid the dealer for it. I've dropped it three additional times since, two of which were my fault.

    DQ, don't beat yourself up about it, motorcycling is a learning experience. It's just that sometimes you have to learn from your own mistakes rather than other people's. :p

    Other than that, just get into a habit of checking all your fluid levels every week or two, depending on how often your ride. It's an easy way of ensuring your motorcycle's longevity. ;)
  8. And, if it was electrolyte, wash down every surface it touched on the way out with a strong solution of bicarbonate of soda to neutralise the acid before it starts eating your bike.
  9. where abouts in brissy are ya? teammoto in virginia moorooka and springwood are the hyo dealers, other than that you'd have to go second hand or import parts yourself from korea
  10. Thanks for the helpful posts guys.

    The liquid was coolant and the level is still good, however I topped it up anyway.

    I managed to get an after market brake lever from Team moto at marooka for $29.95. The other team moto's quoted me around $95.00. IMHO the after market part looks a little better quality than the original in the adjuster?!

    The fairing scratches are indeed very minor and I can get a replacement from Korea for about $70-80 shipped but that can wait. After a quick buff they are hardly noticeable. I might order the part but leave it off for a while just in case.

    The last thing to sort out is my wrist. It's sore but fortunately I can still ride as it is side to side motion that hurts the most.

    Thanks guys you rock for the advice.