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I'm stuck on the Monash right now (10:25am 17/05) with a flat rear!

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by doonx, May 17, 2010.

  1. Flipper has a trailer but has to wait at home for a washing machine delivery. Can anyone help? I'm inbound, just East of the Warrigal Rd exit.

  2. Wife took the car with the tow-bar, otherwise I'd be there in 40 with the trailer, ramp, and tie-downs. Sorry mate.
  3. My friend who would normally be able to help out is out of the country right now! ](*,) :(

    I hope help comes to you soon, just sit back, relax, and enjoy the "i'm not at work and am with my bike instead so it's awesome no matter what" feeling

  4. Cyclehaul - 0419 173 453

    Never used them but the number is in my phone
  5. Looks like Flipper's washing machine has been delivered, so I'm guessing she won't ve that far away now.

    Thanks anyway guys :)
  6. Let me guess, it's a farily new tyre, too, right??
  7. No, not really. But I did put 45deg screw on valve stem on the bike this morning, so I'm hoping it's just leaked through the valve and not a nail in the tyre.
  8. I reckon it may well be the valve stem.
  9. Ugh. Fail.

    Good luck to ya :)
  10. Wise after the event, I know, but, from memory, the manufacturers of those thingies specifically say not to use them on VFR's. I don't know why, but thyey do.
  11. Home now.

    yes it was the valve stem. I rang my mechanic and he just told me that unless they are the fully fitted (to the rim) type, then they are not meant to be left on the bike at all. The stem was hitting the brake calliper and I'm damn lucky it didn't rip the entire valve out of the rim.

    Lesson learned !
  12. Noted, thanks for posting!
  13. and now it's in mine, too!