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I'm stuck on lvl 18 :(

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Ktulu, May 13, 2007.

  1. Mindfield 2 - flash game

    You layout 'tiles' which are instructions for your tank on a battlefield [obstacle course]. Then hit Start Engine to watch him go. You are aiming to get it safely to the white flag.

    Yeah, I've totally got the dirts with level 18... if anyone else solves it before I post something like "WOOHOO! YEAH TAKE THAT LEVEL 18 UR MAH BIATCH!" then I'd sure love a screenshot or a hint or something :)
  2. you could have given hte password to lvl18 wouldha been helpful .. i had to play the dam nthing all the way to 18... and then i realised i don't have the ability to show you the screenshot :)

    the trick is the teleporters don't teleport to the same place.... i.e. T1 -> T2 but T2 -> T3
    put the 4 shooter where it can hit both guns (one on horizontal line the other on diagonal) you want hte tank teleporting out from the top left teleporter on a northwest (up and to the left) diagonal

    oh and lvl 18 is the last one :p
  3. more help:

    the bottom right of the map has two guide arrows, a down-left pointing to an up-left which points directly into the bottom right teleporter
  4. Aha, you're right - the teleports transport to a DIFFERENT teleporter depending on which angle you drive into them from.

    I got it, but I call shenanigins coz it's completely trial and error, unlike the first 17 levels where you can think your way through.

    Password for Level 18 = WP67
    Solution here for those who get totally frustrated and want to ruin the satisfaction of figuring it out themselves.
  5. nice find mate