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Im stuck deciding what I get next...

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Pom80y, Feb 8, 2011.

  1. Ive been riding a CBR250RR for 3ish years now as a daily commuter and am looking to get myself something preferably more upright for my journeys.

    I dont have too much to spend unfortunately otherwise I would just get a street triple and be done with it!

    Max I can spend is about 6k.

    Issue I have is I'm only 5'7" and sit comfortably on the seat height of the ciblet (735mm) but every other bike I have sat on have been over 800mm at the seat and am not super confident to test ride one. Have been toying with the idea for a year (of getting a new bike) but have no idea what to look at.

    I think I have resided myself to something like a SV650, Hornet or similar.

    I am worried though, that these are not going to be a big enough power jump to satisfy my needs, because I am completely over the gutless 250.

  2. Z750 are pretty good value and quicker than the ones you suggested.
  3. Street Triple.
  4. Probably not for $6k
  5. could probably get a late 90's zx6r zx7r with relatively low k's for that.
  6. Hornet 900
  7. GSX650F
    740mm seat height, is a little heavy at 240kg (wet) but has a nice balance point.
    Once your arse hits the seat, it's very easy to handle and doesn't feel heavy at all.
    Plenty of torque/power.
    Easily look down on freeways to see $1.40-50 without realising.
    Easily overtake in top gear.
    Upright position.

    Great allrounder
  8. There is a very nice slightly modified Hornet 900 for sale by a netrider for $6k here in Sydney. PM me for details.
  9. There is a z750 for sale on NR or under 6K atm.

    I'm 165cm and I can't flat foot on it but i can get enough of my foot down to move it around.

    PS I fk love my zed :)
  10. I would say CBR600F4i, but the seat height is 805mm.
  11. I must have stubby legs cause I cant get any feet down at all on a z750.

    This sucks.
  12. Theyre 815mm
  13. Yep - same as a stock street triple
  14. :woot:
  15. +1 on cb900.

    The one karl is referring to is a bloody bargain, lots of quality mods. At $6k its a steal
  16. Initially I would have said Z750 too, but at 5'10" I'm on tippy toes, so you'd need to lower one..
  17. OMG - some serious ducks around here!
  18. Couple of things (may or may not be helpful).

    Can you wait and save for a Street Triple. I think it would be worth it.

    Do not let seat height intimidate you too much. I am shorter than you and ride a Street Triple (around 800 mm), I can even manage a motard with 900ish mm seat height. Half of one foot, or the tips of both, is enough.
  19. I find the Sv650 has a pretty high seat and I'm 6'1. Just sayin..