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I'm sooo lucky!!!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by adnan12, Jan 6, 2006.

  1. I went to go get a roadworhty, bike isn't registered and this shop is only like 2 mins away...so I thought i'll ride it there it's not very far..... a cop turns right(illegally) at a roundabout and is coming straight at me!!!!!! I thought I was fooked. Luckily the cop turns to park just before I go past them, they also parked next to another car so that car blocked thier vision so they couldn't turn and see I had no rego

  2. You were probably OK anyway. I don't know where you are or what the local laws are but here in Tas you are allowed to ride the bike unregistered if you are on your way to an approved inspection station for the purpose of a rego check.

    Probably gave you a scare though :grin:
  3. At least in NSW.

    You're allowed to ride/drive a vehicle in the most direct route from the garage it's stored at to the place to get a rwc :)

    I rode the monster without number plates to and from. The temptation to speed was only just overcome.
  4. I'm in melbourne so I think I needed to get a temp reg.
  5. In Vic, you have to get an unregistered vehicle permit. U have to get them for 1 day, a week or a month and they cost you about 40 bux.

    But i suppose its better than a $500+ fine if you get caught without rego. :eek: :oops:

    I was lucky with my cage. Been driving it for about a week with no permit, got the heebie jeebies about getting caught, so i went and got one, and on the second day of the permit got pulled up near home, just after 7pm (permit only lasts till 7pm each day). Luckily i was able to talk my way out of it :p

    Its a bit obvious though if you have no rego plates on it :LOL:
  6. $31.20 i was told be Vic roads last month when asking about them
  7. yep - but that's per day.

    And you can only operate the vehicle between its garaged address and a mechanic for the sole purpose of undertaking repairs in order to get a roadworthy or to actually get the roadworthy, or between it's garaged address and VicRoads to have it registered.
  8. The good thing about the Vic permit is that you are covered for TAC benefits in the event of an accident. You also are not restricted to a single trip to get the RWC check, you are allowed to ride/drive around to get parts and repairs.