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Im so sick of brainless operators [sat morn edit]

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by VTRBob, Jul 24, 2008.

  1. Looks like we lost some posts in the latest server crash :LOL:

    Yeah I'm on a work rant again :p

    Same company, same operator, Identical machines and both now stuffed and awaiting parts.

    The machine .... an Caterpillar 815D compactor.

    1st fault ..... drove through a drain at top speed at an angle [ not a recommended use ]
    Result = Snapped the LF stub axle clean in two !
    20k repair + 5k in transport to get it to my workshop

    Today I get another call to say the exchange machine is making a 'clunking' noise when in use! so I go out in the pouring rain to have a look at this ' clunk '

    On arrival I get the full story.... Yesterday arvo I was driving through the swamp over the back in 3rd! and lost traction, so I gunned it and all of a sudden I got traction back, shortly after I heard the noise. I didn't think much of it and finished the day off. The boss came up at morning smoko and said " holey F*** " there is something wrong with that thing, call the service guy and get him to come look at it!

    1x rear axle and reduction drive totally cactus! :evil:




  2. how can i tell that it was busted, can you point it out for me
  3. Bob, you will never be unemployed.
  4. 1st pic LHS the casting [stub axle] is sheared of right at the end of the bearing. :)
  5. :shock: That's one serious break
  6. Bob, the worst part is , the Operator probably gets paid more than you.
    It seems to be an industry standard, that you get paid more to stuff them up than to fix them.
  7. Yup he's on $38 an hr !!
    I'm on $26 :evil:
  8. Typical, isn't it.
  9. You'd think there would be some sort of training for the monkeys that drive these things. It seems though, they just "promote" them up through the gang with no education whatsoever.
    This is NOT your HQ, spinning the wheels in a large piece of equipment that weighs a lot, and has bundles of torque at the wheels, WILL result in carnage.
    Weight x torque x load/unload components = breakies.

    Regards, Andrew.
  10. Damn,thats some nasty damage.
    we have dumb ar$e opertaors where i work too mate but i dont have to fix stuff.i hate idiots who break machinery and don't report it.Especially when overhead cranes with a lifting capacity of 20 tons get damaged.the potential for serious injury or death is a major concern.
  11. Whatever happened to "you broke it, you bought it"???

  12. I am wondering Bob, Who pays for the repair?

    Considering he admitted he damaged the machine by doing things the Machine was not designed to do, or using the machine outside of it's comfort zone or however you want to put it.

    Surely they broke it, they pay for it?

    It never ceases to amaze me how mechanically unsympathetic some people can be, they can think the machine/car/motorbikes are indestructable, treat them like crap by pushing to/beyond there limits, then complain when they break. they biatch and moan about the machine being out of action and waiting for parts or an expensive repair.
    But if they had of been a little more gentle or treat the equipment with a bit more respect, it would never had happened in the first place!
  13. Thats up to the dept heads / Bosses to argue over, I submit my report with photos, then they handle the rest.

    I'm getting very good at these reports, my last one for a roll over that the operator said was a machine error that caused it. Ended up with a full reimbursement of all parts /labour and tranport to us, including lost hire revenue! That revenue can become quiet substantial too, eg: the 815 in this case is $880 a day. With a usual hire being for a min 3months.

    Oh I couldn't agree more, if even half the operators would call us at the 1st sign of a fault [ oil leak / noise etc ] the repair and down time would be considerably less for all involved :roll:
  14. "Drain the oil, sir. Is there glitter in it?"

    "Hey yeah, there is! What does that mean?"

    "Oh that's left there buy the fairy that magically just removed thousands of dollars from your bank account."

    "Oh :( "
  15. i feel your pain bob.
    i am the lucky one though, i just pass on the bad news to the workshop :LOL:
  16. Keeps working men in a job.
    All hail the Mechanical Muppets......... Hurrah......