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Im so happy =)

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by imajo, Oct 13, 2006.

  1. well its nothing really exciting but for the last month ive been dreading the insurance for my bike. Being an AAMI employee it helped last year because i only had to pay $700 - pretty good considering it was a R6 and being under 25.

    Well this year just turning 25 (well a few days from now :] and no longer working there. I have rung around and the best was Shannons at just under $1000. Well I logged onto the AAMi website to change my postal address and i saw a little 'renew' tab next to my bike insurance, so i took a deep breath opened it up and i was expecting about $1k but to my surprise it was only $475 BARGAIN!!!!!! i picked up my credit card and paid straight away just in case they made a stuff up.

    Wahooo so happy! saved $500 now i think its time for an upgrade of the leather jacket me thinks!

  2. Have a very good look at the "product disclosure statement" as it may exclude errors and omissions. Sorry to possibly burst your bubble.
  3. seriously imajo, insurance companies do not give insurance away cheaply or for nothing. There will be T&C all over your policy, make sure you're well read up them etc.
  4. Well I hope that it's all in your favour, 500 bucks for comp insurance, WOW!
  5. AAMI cover isnt great but im only worried about my bike being in a prang. When the premium is sent out its an invitation to renew, meaning this is what they want you to pay, I know its the wrong premium but if they want to challenge this ill go all the way... its happened before (to someone else) I have all the paper work so they cant really deny any claims because i paid the wrong premium... because i did pay what was on the renewal. Who am i to argue.
  6. AAMI don't insure bikes in NSW, do they?
  7. I think they do? I made the mistake of insuring 3rd party with NRMA, when what I really should have done is done 3rd +theft and fire with AAMI :'(