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I'm so Excited

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by OzzyDevil, Mar 22, 2012.

  1. 1 Week from today i go for my motorbike lic and i so can't wait already booked in i just need to go for it...I can't stop thinking about it lol

  2. Good luck, just remember to relax and enjoy the ride...hope all goes well
  3. This is for your motorbike license correct, not your learner permit?

    The thing to remember about the VIC license test is that it's almost impossible to fail and much easier than the learner's test.

    When doing the lights (turn left, turn right, stop) just relax and don't try and predict the lights and you'll pass no matter how delayed your reaction is, as long as you do the right action.

    Assuming you can also do the other task, which is a simple left and right turn around a curve, you should get your license no problem.

    Good luck :p
  4. Sorry it's for my learners not my lic... I have to be on them for 3 months then i can go back and do my lic... But i do have 1 question if i have a full lic on a car and when i do get my lic for a bike do i still have to have the P Plates or am i full lic with motor bike..Reading some other forums i'm getting mixed messages...
  5. As far as I'm aware; if you have a full car license and pass your motorbike license test you do not have to display a P plate on your bike but you will still have the 12 months of restrictions (LAMS bike + no pillions).

    Goodluck you with your learners course, listen to your instructors and ask them questions, they are full of knowledge. ;)
  6. Thanks guys and i will listen to your instructor for sure.. I read the whole book last night so i got 1 read out of the way... I'm doing it a rider bros in Calder Park i have been told there very good... then 2 months and i should be riding my baby...
  7. OzzyDevil. just relax, the guys at Rider Bros are good, they'll go through everything with you. they dont rush you and are very encouraging. You'll be right, dont sweat it..
  8. Yeah i know i have heard good news about them... Well if i get my learners i'm going to get real excited getting my bike thats going to be the hardest thing to control lol
  9. Good luck mate.
  10. Good luck, have mine booked for the 14/04, i'm doing it at Deca in Altona North though.

    Did you hear anything about these guys, i'm interested to know if they have a good wrap or not.
  11. Good luck OzzyDevil. You'll be right mate (y)

    Pockets, i did mine with Deca in Altona North. I found them great. The instructors were very helpful and took their time to ensure everyone knew what was going on.
    Having said that this was over 3 and a half years ago :)
  12. Did mine at DECA at Carrum Downs. Instructors were great and both the Learners and Full License tests are basic. I managed to slide one of their bikes across the asphalt during practice in the wet and still got it. If you have a full license you don't need to display P plates after passing your full license test.

    Good luck :)
  13. Further bit of info for you.....

    If the instructor writes NFI on top of your sheets it means 'needs further instruction'

    If on the other hand he writes *NFI. it means the other... and maybe this activity is not for you...

    This perl of wisdom is from a truck driving instructor mate...
  14. I was going to do mine at Deca in altona here but someone said try rider bros coz there pretty good so i went there instead...
  15. Good luck OzzyDevil. You'll be fine. I think most of the specialised places where you can do your license are pretty good. Did mine at HART in Kilsyth plenty of years back and they were great too.

    Have you got a bike already? Just looking at your pic.

    Get lots of practice once you've got the license!
  16. Nah mate having got the bike yet I wish I had it now dam lol.. It would be with in a month of getting my Learners..
  17. What type of bike do you want to get? Anything specific in mind yet?
  18. Yeah I'm getting an SV650 the bike I'm sitting on in my avatar that's what I'm going to ride..
  19. Doing the smart thing and getting your learners first, I on the other hand didn't plan shit and am getting my bike in 1 week and my license in 3 weeks.

    Now i just have to stare at it for 2 weeks...... it's going to be hell.