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Im so angry!!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by NuZiE, Jun 24, 2009.

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  1. Sigh, hello all!

    Today i went for my L's Test at , well tried too!

    I woke up extra early, to make sure i got there extra early!

    On the way there, something happened with my car, but fair enough cause i had heaps of spare time.

    Anyway long story cut short, my test started at 8AM I got there at 8:01AM and got denied!!!!

    They were still marking people off the list, but because I was up the top, they had already marked me absent!!

    Now I have to pay for another course, which is a month away :(

    Why do people have to be dicks for? Seriously, I had to take two days off work, which is very hard when its a small business! I even saw my name on the list, he was only 1 person down from my name, total bull.

    Sorry, im just pretty cut cause iv wasted time and money, and have to wait another month :'(

    Ill be nice now :D
  2. Re: Im so angery!!

    As for your dilemma I would have not just walked away but rather made an issue of it, taken names etc. you should not have been treated so poorly.
  3. Sorry to hear you got such a rotten deal, Nuzo. I would've thrown a bit of a wobbly, but that's probably because I'm older and have become jaded over time with life and other stuff. A bit like Smee.... :wink:

    Never mind, let it go and focus on getting back there in a month's time...hopefully, it'll be here before you know it and you'll be a fully-fledged Learner rider :cool:

    Oh, and maybe next time take the bus...
  4. I agree that you should have taken down the name of the guy there and gone back rta and tried to get a refund.
  5. Hey NuZIE! I totally agree what smee had to say, I would've taken their name down and not accepted that.

    Man even more so I'm surprised no one stood up for you there, like argued with the instructor how unfair it was. Seriously uncool.
  6. Out of interest, is the NSW testing done by private contractors, or members of the public service?
  7. Call me old and fussy though but if I had a course/test starting at 8.00am I'd be there, ready to go, at 7.40am.
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  8. But he had car trouble, 2up....in addition to the fact that he drives a Beetle, I mean.

    I kid...I love Beetles :grin:
  9. That may be true but these dudes that run these courses/tests would have heard every excuse under the sun about being late.
  10. As far as I know from talking with the instructors when I did my tests, RTA schedules the tests but the actual testing is done by private contractors.
  11. That's tough treatment. I normally like to be early but wasn't on the day I did my licence test. I was 5 minutes late then spent a further 5 minutes trying to find the room where I was supposed to be and they didn't make a fuss. They just stated the time and left it at that. Being kicked out for being 1 minute late is rubbish IMO. The only place I've been where there's been no flexibility with any form of lateness is checking in baggage to get on a plane flight and the train/bus. Sure start time is start time but in my course they spent 15-20 minutes going through paperwork before we got outside. You unfortunately came up against someone who had some sort of attitude.
  12. There is absolutely no way I would have left without making a big fuss.

    During my L's test we had one person missing when the time was up, the tester left the door open and chatted for a few minutes to give the bloke some extra time to show up, which he did.
  13. Just had another thought.
    They could change their name to a surname starting with Z. eg. Zomboulos....that way they would be the last one to be checked off the list, thus giving them more time to get there. :grin: :grin:
  14. He could've just pointed at the car....

    Still kidding, still love Beetles 8-[
  15. Where did you book to do the test? If it was Clyde it doesnt surprise me, we had to be there 15 minutes before the start - zero tolerance. Make a complaint because if it really was only a minute then its harsh treatment.
  16. thats bullshit, when you do it again, you should complain if it any stage of the day they waste time / delay by 1 minute.

    i can imagine after not letting you start because of being a minute late they proceeded to stuff around for 5 or 10 minutes with paperwork etc before getting started.
  17. i only just got home and was really angry. I tried to dispute it on the spot and the only answer i kept getting was, "its illegal for me to do anything now" then he just walked away. he said he was the "boss" cause i asked if i could ask one of the instructors if i could join in, and his response was "if they let you in, they get the sack, do you really want that mate?"

    i totally think the guy was an out right ass!

    And sif diss on my beetles :D!! i love them :D

    i just cant wait to start riding my new FZR 250 :D, now i have to wait another month :(

    P.S. i told the RTA, they said this, "Sorry we cant refund or anything of the sort, we have already paid around $270 for this course and u only have to pay $76, we are out money, and therefore cant refund you... blah blah"

    which i do understand, its a government scheme with private contractors.

    but i mean, the dude there didnt have to be an ass about it :(

    P.S.S the earliest one i could get is in Penrith, so hopefully the people there are a lot nicer :(
  18. The one at Clyde used to be run by Stay upright.

    If it's still the case, send them an e-mail with a link to this thread.

    If they were still marking off names then it's just someone compensating for a small penis.
  19. If you have the name of the guy out him here
    It will get back to him quicker than you think.
    This sort of Twatism should not be allowed.;
  20. +1 smee,

    name and shame
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