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I'm sick of these selfish idiots

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by incitatus, Nov 7, 2005.

  1. Front page of yesterdays Sunday Times newspaper here in Perth, photo of bike doing 145k's past radar. Inside paper, a whole swag of 'anti-bike', comments and editorial saying how dangerous bikes are, and how anti-social and arrogant riders are. It included calls for tighter laws, harsher penalties, more difficult licensing, and a bike specific rego surcharge. I am utterly sick to the back teeth of these f%king immature idiots who are doing their best to get motorcyclists as a breed legislated out of existence. I believe that until we ourselves stop tacitly accepting this kind of stupidity as acceptable, and even 'cool', we continue to be the architects of our own destruction.

  2. Eloquently stated, and I absolutely agree!!!
  3. well i do agree with whats above, but i don't think it's only limited to bikes.... how many car drivers do they catch 20-30 maybe even higher over the speed limit and the only reason they consider themselve safe is because they are wrapped in a metal shell.... maybe we need to make both licenses harder to get, wonder what the general public would think of that
  4. I'll provide the sacks, you gotta get your own doorknobs...

    Its lynching time :p
  5. Totally agree. You can debate about 145kph being too quick or not, that's not the point. It's stuff like this which brings the political heat on riders, and in turn takes away any leverage we are trying to build up to sort out real issues for riders. Having said that, this incident shows a simmering level of anti-bike sentiment ready to explode at the drop of a hat. Thinking that if we all just behave ourselves for a while will fix the issue is naive - any bike accident, speeding ticket, freeway wheelie by just one rider will bring out the anti-bike whingers in their droves - what can you do to change that?

    Anwyway, a bit of self control goes a long way - so does a bit of brains, like making sure there is a clear and quiet road if your having a blat (not past a suspiciously parked car :roll:)

    We don't live in Italy or Germany, where we have the privilege of riding a decent speeds with a community that respects riders as equals - maybe one day we will, but behaviour like this will only set things back.
  6. Agreed Agreed Agreed.

    This is something I have reaised (as have many other) and is something that will be a battle.....

    I once stated we were our own worst enemy and I stand by that.......

  7. Hellloooooww.... kids wave at me all the time! How can that be antisocial :roll: I don't see any kids wave at 4 wheels drive... they're the ones who should be put out of the road, endangering pedestrian, bikers, roos, and all :?

    Interesting the news under the same section:

    "133 cars speeding in 75 minutes outside a school"
  8. Probably says something about the sort of people that respond to editorials, phone polls, talkback radio etc. Never seems to be any problem for the media to find people supporting legisaltion against bikes, P-platers, hoons etc. but the moment someone suggests that older drivers are dangerous there's always a huge backlash. Basically I get the impression that most letters to newspapers are written by retired people with nothing better to do who will happily support any tightening of regulations provided it doesn't directly affect them. Proof is in the fact that if a car was caught doing that speed (not being driven by a P-plater) I doubt there would be many people calling out for tougher laws against drivers.
  9. That's right, javaman. It's all someone else's fault. We can all go back to being relaxed and comfortable. Nothing to see here, people. :roll:

    *makes mental note to buy javaman "Every Child's Big Red Book of Logic" for Christmas*
  10. And changing the WA law to owner onus so you can take photos from the rear like the rest of the country does is even easier. :roll:

    It's good to see that the RAC and the WA media are as stupid as the Eastern States... :LOL:

  11. Although if cars didn't have front plates, I'm sure plenty of people would be demanding them.
  12. maybe they could turn the camera's around? :LOL:
  13. Maybe, although if someone suggested that all cars be refitted with new plates designed to be easier for cameras to detect (at a cost of say $150 for every owner) I'd like to see how much public support that would receive.
  14. Yep. Got one this morning. Had some tool overtake me on the inside in the service lane on the M5. With a pillion.

    Apparently my 60 ( and the bike in front of me), going past stationary traffic wasn't fast enough for him.

    Generally the cops look the other way with us using the service lane in NSW then we get this Turkey pulling a stunt like this.

    Then he cuts off the bike in front of me and leaves her stranded between 2 lines of merging traffic, because he took her gap in the traffic.
  15. hahahhahaaa :LOL: i'm sure no-one here has ever done 145kph :LOL:

    tsk tsk, naughty little boy giving us all a bad name :roll: tell me, is it the fact that he did 45 over that gets on everyones goat or the fact that he got caught or is it because it made it to the papers? where should your agression really go? :wink:

    sensationalist media bullshit yet again. dont stress, someone will chuck a firecracker in a train in a day or two or discover that kids in highschool are using drugs and the heat will be off again :D
  16. Apologies to all, but I just noticed my own typo. This neanderthal was actually doing 245, not 145 as stated, in a 100 limit. Not that that makes any difference, 145 in say a 90 limit would be just as cretinous.
  17. 145 over the limit. Is it any wonder the drew attention, and the press' attention too?
  18. coconuts wrote

    NEVER :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :wink:
  19. 245... that explains why he didn't see the camera... :LOL: