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VIC I'm sick of new laws, time for all to make a stand!!!

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Johnny O, Jul 17, 2007.

  1. I've really had enough of all the new road laws, hoon law, 40 kph at certain times, speed camera's..... it's getting worse & worse, there should be an organization that can give equal time to those stupid TAC ads.

    If that dumb biatch had looked before she crossed the road, she wouldn't be dead or have a bruise on her leg AND would not have impeded the driver who was obviously in hurry getting on with life!

    I for one would donate to an organization that would stand up for motorists rights and represent hoons in court.... some offences are NOT as bad others, a wheelie on a lonely country road is not like a burnout in a crowd!

    If it is so dangerous for kids getting dropped off at school, then make an entry road into the school to keep the kids away from the traffic! The kids need to learn that cars are big and fast..... stay clear of them!

    Big fines for motorists, selling of vehicles, loss of licence.... all are severly damaging to ones life.... it is not cutting the road toll, just ask Bracks son!

    Grrrrr, Grrrrrr, Grrrrrr!!!!!!
  2. I'm with ya on this one mate...where do i sign? :)
  3. x 2

    Where's the dotted line?
  4. A public company employing lawyers and ad agencies, I would pay hundreds of dollars to it.

    Surely there are thousands of other driver/riders that would pay.

    I refuse to let this matter die, it is too important to us.

    I propose a gathering of motorists (cars & bikes) to impede business traffic, to clog main arteries and continue to do it until something is done!

    I propose the first one for a Saturday on the 4th of August, meeting in the Chadstone shopping centre car park for a ride thru the tunnel to end up at Victoria Market. Then again on Monday the 3rd of September if not listened to. And then every first Monday of each month until something is done!

    It's time car drivers & bikers united, we must work together on this!
  5. We need a name for this......

    ARSE - Australian Road Safety Education

    Education can save lives, fines cause severe hardship.
  6. On top of that, they are getting all drivers used to having GPS units in thier cars. These will soon measure and report your speed. No doubt some time in the near future your own vehicle will report you for speeding.

    We are being regulated into submisson!

    As for school zones. What a crock-o-shiite. Every time I go through one (at the right time and right speed) there is not a little fu*ker in sight!
    Yet they run across 80Kph zones in front of trucks and taxi's.

    Sure we have a road toll every year, driving / riding is a risky business. And we need to accept that when we head out there is always some small chance of mishap.

    The number of people on the roads keep increasing, but the toll stays very much the same or decreased. This probably relates to much better vechicle saftey and handling (dispite the driver). Speed is only a contibuting factor and there is no finite way of isolating it as killing people.

    I am fu*king annoyed at the state of our traffic congestion and limited parking. Only to be annoyed stupid police about fu*king lane filtering and weaving. WTF! Thats why we risk our bollocks commuting on bikes.

    Leave us be or I say lets bring traffic to a stand-still :twisted:
  7. We need somewhere where we can pay our money to, then we pay for stickers and newspaper ads to promote these rallies, we can then make more people aware of our plight.
  8. rally in the city at peak hour
  9. I reckon start with a Saturday 10am, then 6am Monday the next month if not listened to.
  10. I agreee. Although I cant see it changing unless someone thinks of something reallllly smart.
    People just fall into line way to easy.
  11. OK so the hoon laws are relatively new, but school zones and speed cameras have been around for like 10+years? I agree the chick should be looking where she's going too, but get rid of school zones to save 5yr olds from a damaging lesson? How many kids do you have John?
  12. Why don't we make it 20 kph past schools, how much do you love your kids!
  13. Your missing my point, I'm saying more safety with education & planning, not by big fines & taking peoples transport.
  14. There could be a few running around by now :wink:
  15. Do you let your kids run into the traffic at school?
  16. So the driver is coming up to school, he/she are having a smoke, talking on the hands-free, they come up to a school, oh is it before or after 9.30am, I don't want to hold up the traffic behind me if I slow down when I don't need to, I look up from my watch..... oops I drove over a kid.
  17. OK so clearly the answer is that you have no kids, because otherwise you wouldn't have to ask that.

    My answer, more than ANYTHING in this world.
  18. Do you really think that I don't love my nieces & nephews, do you really think that I don't care about your kids, get off your high horse and listen to what I am saying.
  19. Sounds like the rambling of someone who just got busted for something.

    So what did you get busted for John?
  20. Personally I am not that stressed about the hoon laws, except that they are poorly written and to much discretion is left to the witnessing officer. (A Lot like the anti terrorist garbage).
    The endless decreasing of the speed limit while not putting any evident effort into educating people about road safety while at the same time putting all the responsibility on a driver and not on F’wit pedestrians who walk onto the road without looking (40 in shopping zones WTF) Is one of they key government initiatives that shits me to tears.
    I am also someone who has no problem with speed cameras or speed limits. I do have a huge problem with sub %10 tolerances though. Creating a limit and enforcing it makes sense. But forcing drivers to pay more attention to there speedo than what is on the road is just moronic.
    At the same time educating (And policing) drivers who Tailgate and fail to indicate, or lock people out when they do indicate is one of the key things that is ignored by our government.
    It may be true that speed kills, but Stupidity and incompetence is the more common cause of an accident in the first place.