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i'm really sore right now :(

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by lowercase, Jul 26, 2010.

  1. well things have certainly changed around! ... :-({|=

    as of me sliding 50 metres or so down the road with a few rolls, my bike in front of me thinking "wtf happened?". taxi or white sedan had slammed into my lane and my bike clipped the back of their car and straight down me and bike went. grazed elbows and boob, sore legs and a possible green stick (minor) fracture in right hand

    no one got number plate, bike JUST ridable (needs new clutch and clutch lever).

    oh, and it was Chad, kawasaki, NOT the new triumph (thank goodness!)
  2. oh, and the only person who stopped was the guy whose lane i was in, and all he was worried about was getting my bike off the road so the traffic could move - i wanted to hit him!!!
    "are you okay? lets get the bike off the road"
    "i think i'm okay... i'm going to see if it starts... i'm in serious shock..."
    "okay, lets get the bike off the road so the traffic can get past"
  3. That's more than a bit shit, glad to hear you're in reasonable shape after the mishap - shame no-one got a number... :(
  4. yeah i'm in a lot of pain right now
  5. Don't like reading posts like this :(

    Glad you've survived and in one piece but what a massive PITA for you. Hopefully it's just the clutch / lever but even then.....

    I really hope you feel better soon.
  6. The universal side effect of other peoples stupidity, unfortunately...
  7. yeah there's lots of scrapings. i saw sparks in front of me with my bike, me just sliding down the road rolling over.

    weird thing? i felt totally okay with me sliding down the road. i knew i'd be okay. i was just worried about my boy the entire time!

    bike slid about 60 metres or so... 10 or 20 metres further than me.
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    Sliding down the road means you're not flying through the air! :)
  9. Sounds pretty nasty, I hope you feel better soon LC. The guy that hit you and the bloke who was more concerned with the traffic are certifiable arseholes.
  10. That totally sucks, Holly. Hope both you & Chad only have minor injuries & are easily & quickly mended.

    Where did the incident happen?
  11. screw Chad !
    did you manage to salvage any on your hamburger ???

    full medical check up is mandatory, you go see doctor Quack NOW.
    and you rest that boob ya hear.

    wow, glad you're ok, don't ever do that again.
  12. That doesn't sound good!..glad that you came out of it as well as you did. Sore boob!!!....ouch!!

    Hope you feel better soon
  13. just coming off a ramp on the gore hill fwy.

    right hand is pretty bad this morning, and left knee won't straighten.

    one hand typing is very hard.

    luckily i'm left handed but my right hand does more of the typing and i'm working that out.

    my dad is a retired gp, so i'll let him diagnose hand n knee. he'll prob tell me to xray hand. knee i think is just twisted.

    thanks everyone.

    bad sleep last night cause hand so uncomfortable :( just had t find posittion i am comfortable in and hadn is okay in.

    coulda been worse :) i'm very lucky.
  14. Bugger. It's a nasty feeling. Hope it all works out OK for you.
  15. i am so suprised that no one has offered to kiss it better LC, or demanded pics....

    Glad to hear its all minor. Take it easy.
  16. Very sorry to hear that. I hope you heal rapidly, sounds like you're in a bit of pain, take it easy for a few days, please!
  17. bugger holly, am sure you will find a few members that would be willing too kiss your boobie better, your elbow meh it will be fine ;)
  18. Damaged airbag... Ouch

    Fuk im going to bash the next prick i see do a fukwit on the road!!!
    Goes for u dumb ass moles aswell.

    Speed recovery Holly!
  19. good to hear you arent too badly knocked about.

    any chance the accident happened near a RT traffic camera, if so may be footage of it?

    cant believe people just drive off and don't care,

    actually I can, come to think of it, having seen and have it happen.

    But still shocked by peoples attitudes!

    get well quick
  20. Pics of injuries or it didnt happen :D

    That sucks. I hate people. People are ****ed.
    Where did it happen?