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I'm Quitting Smoking

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Gobberwart, Oct 2, 2012.

  1. I Quit Smoking

    Apart from all the health and other issues related to me being a smoker for the last 25 years, I need the money I'm wasting on smokes to be able to afford to pay for my bike loan! Now that I have the bike, the time has finally come for me to get rid of the durries.

    I managed to quit about 18 months ago, and made it three months, and to be honest it was only the first week that was horrendous. The next couple of weeks were just "a bit rough" and then it was pretty smooth sailing, until I got on the booze one night and decided to have "just one to see what happens".

    Anyway, I'm not using any medications or patches or hypnosis or anything like that, I'm just going to finish the smokes I have left (2 packs, so probably tomorrow night) and then just stop, same as last time. The only difference this time is, there'll be no "just one" in three months time.

    Why am I sharing here? Two reasons. One, I'm putting it out there to everyone I know because it seems to make it more "real", and two... well, if I turn up at a group ride / practice session / whatever and you see me with a smoke, I expect you to give me a heap of crap about it. The potential embarrassment is just another incentive to stay off them :)

    Other than that, if anyone feels like wishing me luck or even just putting up with me when I turn into more of an insufferably grumpy bastard than usual, I'd appreciate it :)
  2. ..Good Luck!..

    I gave up the smokes for good 13 years ago. Best thing I have done for myself. Strange thing was, once I had made my mind up, it didn't seem that bad to do so.

    Previous attempts did not last long, but the final time... I knew I felt different about it.

    Hope it all goes well.

  3. I smoked once... and that was it. Pretty pointless IMO. Best of luck!
  4. Good stuff gobberwart! Im sure you will receive copious amounts of support from NR.
  5. Good luck :)
  6. Totally pointless. I don't even enjoy it, except the part where I get to leave work for a few minutes and go look at the bikes parked outside. I'll need another excuse now.

    Thanks all for the positive comments :)
  7. It takes a strong mind to beat tobacco. Giving up the turps for over 2 years helped me get rid of the poisonous weed. Then it took another 2 years before I could have a drink and not be tempted into just one. Now 5 years down the track I can have a few ales and stare the devil right in the face.
  8. why wait? just chuck it in now!! Good luck and you KNOW you can do it!! So just do it!!
  9. Anyone know the name of the book that helps you quit? It's apparently quite famous but I can't remember the name
  10. My thoughts are with you...I can only go the hard way and am not in the right frame of mind yet to do it.
    I have myself down to two packs a week......haha never really smoked more than that tho..
    anywho I hope it works and gives me the hope too
  11. Go for it Gobbers, I'm coming up 20 months, life is better in so many ways. So far I have saved $10,000 can you believe that, fark.
  12. Allan Carr's Guide to Giving up Smoking? He basically talks you out of it.
  13. Is it "The Easy Way To Stop Smoking" by Allen Carr? If so, I'm reading it right now, for the second time. I read it about 3 months ago and quit for about 2 days, but obviously I wasn't in the right frame of mind.

    I'm tempted, but I'm still in the process of psyching myself up. I've made spur of the moment decisions to quit before only to go out and buy a new pack within a few hours because, and I'd rather not do that again. Getting there though :)
  14. That book works, I know 8 people who have stopped smoking after reading it.

    Unfortunately Allen Carr passed away in 2006 from lung cancer. He was a non-smoker for the last 24 years of his life.
  15. Yep, I surely can, and prices have gone up a lot since then. I just paid $19 for a pack at 7-11 today, and I smoke about a pack a day on average, so I'm spending $133 a week or $6,916 a year.

    My missus smokes as well, not as much, but we go through 12 packs a week between us, for a total of $228 a week or $11,856 a year.

    That's money that literally goes up in smoke and gives no benefits at all, with a lot of negatives.

    That money would cover the price of my bike, plus rego, a new set of tyres, decent gear and more.

    No brainer really.
  16. GL Gobber! I really, really need to follow suit on this one.

    I believe this is what you're speaking about Dougz

    EDIT: Wow, you guys posted that up quick. I stopped to talk to a colleague for a second and bam! That will teach me for doing work whilst at work...
  17. Love my smokes :)

    And that book dosnt work
  18. I smoked for 20 years from age 13, gave up for 5, the only way to make sure you don't smoke is to never take another puff. When it comes down to it, it really is that simple, never take another puff.

    It is an addiction like any other, the only thing needed to to have a full on relapse in to reintroduce the brains drug of choice, one puff and you are (in terms of addiction) back to square one.

    The first 3 days are the worst, as the body is going through physical withdrawl symptoms from lack of nicotine. After 4 days 99% of the nicotine is gone from the body.
  19. Why wait?

    Find a bin that's about 200m away and go for a quick jog to it. By the time you've arrived there, if you're a little out of breath and/or wheezing, it will probably make it easier to chuck them all out.

    There's no good in 'waiting' until you've finished those packets of ciggs.
    Quit NOW.

    P.s. Good luck. Took me a few goes to quit, but 4 years on I'm so much healthy and happier for it.
  20. Wow, that is a lot of money between you going up in smoke.. ouch!

    Why not suggest your wife quits with you at the same time? You can both distract each other when you're craving and both be grumpy at the same time.
    It's kinda like you can't expect to have the willpower to not smoke if you hang out with your mates who all smoke a pack a night on a Friday night and keep offering you ciggs...