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I'm proud of you Netrider peeps

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by goz, Apr 29, 2011.

  1. No 1 has mentioned the royal wedding

    Ahhhhhhh Fuk, i just did :bolt:
  2. banned.
  3. [-X
    If he was being lead to the gallows then id be watching =D>.
    Oh wait, he is!
  4. That's why I'm on here now - the missus and the out laws are glued to the box.
  5. #5 Chef, Apr 29, 2011
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  6. Maybe that's why no one has mentioned it. They're watching it! Horror!
  7. Don’t knock it. Today’s herald Sun had a large picture of the prince riding his Ducati the night before the wedding.

    If the future king rides a motorcycle then it’s all good for us his humble servants.

    EDIT: The motorcycle Gods have answered our prayers.
  8. Does anyone else think Kate takes it up the jacksy?
  9. lololol id put it up her sisters yum
  10. reckon the queens wearing undies? :rofl:
  11. I'd shag her mom ans sister.Momsy is hot
  12. Those legs were abit alright, i'd take all three for a right royal romp
  13. Camilla FTW.
    Then you could ride her home...
  14. #14 Day, Apr 29, 2011
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  15. is the game on yet


    Piss this shit off for crying out loud
  16. only 15 more minute until the footy, can't come soon enough
  17. Doggies are going to be licking their nads. lol should be a good game.
  18. heathens!

    im proud to be the first to say good luck to em.
  19. Id shag Kate :p.........am I going to be labeled a terrorist now? lol
  20. She's common untill she is married, Then she is a Princess,
    Then your a terrorist for saying it,