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I'm probably going to regret this......

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by hornet, May 26, 2005.

  1. But can someone please explain what this "chicken strips" stuff is all about?

  2. It's the area of virgin rubber on the side of your tyres. Wider strips mean less lean angle.
  3. tasty crumbed chicken from red rooster. somehow seems to come up a lot in bike talk, i guess riders like chook :?
  4. The unworn strips of rubber on the extreme edges of the tyre. Thin or absent chicken strips are taken by some to be a measure of riding prowess.

    Of course given the variation in tyre profiles and motorcycle geometries, bike to bike or tyre to tyre comparisons are pretty meaningless.

    For instance, I have 0mm chicken strips on my back tyre and about 2 mm on the front, but it's a long time since I touched down any part of my bike/body in a corner.
  5. I asked that question out on my last ride. ZX12R explained it for me :

    The centre of your tyre is your normal ride contact surface. From there up and around the tyre wall is where the tyre is worn from leaning the bike over to corner (twisties). Depending on how hard you lean will determine how much of the tyre wall is worn.

    The remainder of the tyre wall that is not worn and still has that slightly shiny finish to it is called the "chicken strip"
  6. Thank you, now I have to go and measure mine, but don't think I'm going to be brave enough to tell you!
  7. Except my rear tyre chicken strips got worn away when I hadn't tied my saddlebags on tightly enough.

    Front ones still there.
  8. Ask Bladewar.... :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

  9. yep I'm not "cool" any more since I changed the profile of my rear tyre... now it's got a bout a cm of chicken strips that I can't get near :( although I havnet been on any proper rides yet
  10. What does it mean when your rims are scraped?
  11. It means you got the wrong size tyre... :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: or someone stole it....
  12. chicken strips..

    it means you got balls and big ones at that..
  13. Funny, I used to check the tyre for poultry effect, and was feeling kinda proud when I saw the area of unplucked tyre getting thinner.

    Then I did an advanced riding course, they showed me how to move and lean the body as well as the bike. Now I can take the corners safer, faster, have more fun.... and the "chicken strip" would now be getting wider.. not thinner.
  14. What course did you do?
  15. I've noticed that time on the race track can reduce the chicken strip width. Courses like HART advanced levels(done partly on racetrack) and Aust Superbike School. Generally lots of corners to be ridden.
  16. "Stay Upright" Advanced riding skills (www.stayupright.com.au)
  17. Yeah, the advanced course included a couple of "sessions" where you could go for broke... bloody good fun too :p

    My point is that "chicken strips" by themselves prove nothing, On a track riding corners at the fastest possible speed will scrub the tyres all the way around. But in normal road/traffic conditions you want to keep a bit of lean "in reserve" for those times your not expecting. I don't believe you should be on the ragged edge of tyre adhesion at any time on a public road unless your responding to a situation.

  18. Which is why I think I've reached my max angle (and that was achieved during an OH SHIT moment) until I hit the track and even then its going to take a bike to overcome the fear factor to lay it over more. Added to that, like you said in your prior post, if you are cornering better by leaning off the seat, your bike will be more vertical while still having the same corner velocity so you aren't going to be going closer to the edge but further away from it.

    So while looking at a 6 month old tyre on a ducati (obviously this will be on a sunny day and outside a cafe) and seeing it has 4cm of chicken strips will tell you one thing, the range of tyre widths, geometries, style of bike, etc mean that the size of your chicken strip is generally only a Personal Best type of assessment of the individual rider and only has limited merit when comparing between other riders/bikes.