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I'm outta here...for a bit!!!!

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Panthus, Dec 15, 2006.

  1. Well my dearest of party peoples, it comes with much regret that i wont be around for a couple of months to delight you with my ever entertaining banter. :wink:

    No, it wasn't Mickys bad jokes thats turning me away. Its not the threat (HAHA!!!) of woman wearing less clothes than me in a western suburbs pub nor is it the fear of turning up in my aviator outfit on a non aviator costume night (again).

    So if your over in the Middle East and you see a blonde girl with a rubber chicken in her backpack (don't ask!) then chances are its me. Come over, say hi and we'll share a Sheesha or two.

    See you all in March 07!!!
  2. Travel safely, and come back soon, we'll miss ya!
  3. My rubber chicken's name is Squeak. :)
  4. Good luck. Remember to cover up over there, and if you see Bin Laden don't tell anyone, it'll ruin the surprise... :wink:

    Take care and have fun... :grin:
  5. y u go? :(
  6. The world needs me im afraid. It's not going to explore itself now is it....but i'll be back!!!! Oh yes, i'll be back. Bigger than ever.... though i should try and lay off those cakes i guess....
  7. ghey

    I've only seen you once at The Ranch.
    When do you ship out?
    Is there enough time for a last get together somewhere?

    We should like, totally organise some sort of... thing!
  8. :rofl: :applause:
    happy travels panthus. don't forget to find an internet cafe and post us some stories :wink:
  9. :shock:

    Good luck. Have fun & TAKE care. :wink:
  10. Well i feel like riding tonight if anyone is interested.....din dins and a ride is my proposition...