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I'm out of action

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by maplegum, Dec 13, 2010.

  1. I fell over yesterday. I slipped in the mud and fell straight onto my bum. I let my left hand catch the force of my fall. I'm now left with a very painful swallon wrist that is now in a brace - it may even be broken as it is so painful.

    It really hurts falling over as a grown up.

    So, there goes riding my bike until I can use the clutch. This sucks. Just as i was having so much fun.](*,)
  2. Another argument for automatic motorcycles (and less rain) :LOL:

    Sorry to hear this, get better soon!
  3. When I read the title of this thread I thought you'd fallen off the bike! :eek: Glad that's not the case! :)

    But yes, falling over as a grown up does hurt... I've injured my wrists more times than I can count, damned weak "IT guy" wrists! :(

    Hope it heals quickly.

    btw, would I have seen your other half riding down the main st of Bacchus March as around 8pm? I was out for a cruise and passed a Buell coming the other way, we exchanged nods and continued on. ;)

  4. And scooters. :bolt:
  5. so sorry to hear about the injury maple! :(

    loved your write up about your recent tour with Ivan

    get well soon!
  6. Get well soon maplegum.
  7. Last night? Nope, we didn't get on the bikes at all this weekend. Ivan is out of action for a few days too. As I type this, he is in St.Vincents hospital having an angiography proceedure where they insert a catheter through the blood vessels to the heart. 2 recent heart attacks and he is only 45 years old. I'm scared for him.
  8. There is an important skill I've learnt over the years

    Bouncing - It might be worth looking into :D

    I'm a huge unco and I've only ever broken 1 major bone on my life (I was in grade 2 at the time)

    I've flipped a bike, hit by 3 cars and 1 bike, several car accidents (I was only driving in one of them), numerous falls (out of a tram, upstairs, downstairs, over my own feet and into planter boxes - the same one about 7 times) 350846086 epic push bike stacks......
  9. Sorry to hear maplegum. Wishing you a speedy recovery - you'll be back on 2 wheels in no time.
    Perhaps a time to look into Holster's recommendation - 'bouncing' (???) :D
  10. You sound so much like me, if ever I hurt myself, my very first thought is - will this affect my riding. Hope it gets better soon, and as for Ivan, at least the hospitals know about his heart problem and are doing something to prevent that happening again.
  11. That doesn't sound like fun at all, hope everything works out for him. :(

    It was actually mid week last week (Wednesday maybe?), when I typed that post it said "last week" in my head, clearly my brain is typing faster than my hands. :oops: