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im.on.it goes sliding down the road... [longish]

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by im.on.it, Sep 5, 2006.

  1. I was debating whether or not to post yet another off thread and tried a few times but the site seemed to fail me...

    Sunday 3rd it rained heavily in the morning and cleared up mostly around lunch time I thought I'd take the opportunity to get some practice in the wet yet no have to come home soaking. I went for a ride through Ferntree Gully way and Dandenong Mountains... nice cruisy pace happy to sit behind some cagers.

    All was good by the time I got back to Ringwood... except that the weather was still holding up... and I decided to go home via Healseville (the long way round) Putting through Healsville I thought it strange that no bikes were out on a Sunday...whatever.

    Of course the mandatory jaunt down Chum Creek Road would be great practice... plus last weekend I was introduced to its neighbour Myer's Creek Rd which made a nice little loop before heading back through Yarra Glen to Warrandyte. By this time the roads no longer seemed to be wet and my confidence seemed to be over-flowing...

    All the way up Myer's Creek it was fun, all the way down Chum Creek it was fun... I was probably taking the bends at equal pace to what I had done on the Early Morning ride last week. Oh yes the bit where I went down... from my hazy memory it was the last sweeping right hairpin where I may have touched the outside line not sure if the front hit it first or the rear... there was also a bit of mud on the shoulder which may have caused the rear the slide out. Anyway it all happened way too quick... I don't even know which parts of me actually hit the deck.

    From the evidence on the gear I hit my right knee, left and right elbows and right torso... a few scratch marks on the gloves and no marks on the helmet so I think that pretty much stayed off the deck. LAAAHHHCKY

    I picked myself up pretty quickly and got to the beloved even faster, she was stalled, but I hit the kill switch anyway and turn off the fuel before lifting her up... opps that's a bit heavier than I thought. and being stuck in the oarange mud didn't make it any easier. A Jeep which I had passed only minutes ago rolled in behind me and stopped to offer help... all he could do was help me put it right side up. Aslo having someone there helps to calm the nerves, explaining what just happened etc.

    I had some trouble starting her up and the rear brake lever was bent back a bit... an extra dent in the tankk and a bit of flaking paint and scratches around the "Mintslice®" sized dent. The usual bar end scratches and front brake lever ball sanded down to half its original. Nothing leaking no electrical lines or hoses seemed to be detached or broken.

    Anyways the Jeep that stopped offered to stay with me but I told him I had Honda Rider Assist and could call for help if she didn't start. I suspected the carbies were flooded and might take a few minutes for her to start up again. So I waved him and his wife (who took the opportunity to admire the lyre bird close encounter) off and thanked them for stopping.

    After about 20 minutes (and waving through other cars who slowed down) I still couldn't get her to fired up... she was turning over but not catching... in fear of flattening the battery I decide to leave it rest for a bit longer and try the Rider Assist hotline... no reception... crap!! I should have checked that while I was waiting - What if no other cars come along? What if it starts raining and gets dark!!

    Thankfully a family who had just enjoyed a day on the trail bikes, Mum Dad and 2 kids, came rollingdown the hill in a big F-off Ford F250 truck (not a ute) pulled over to see if I was alright... I asked if he had any mobile coverage... I'm sure he had satellite TV in there... Mum and elder son were in the van tailing (must have carrying all the gear and hot water shower) Anyways he checked his phone also had no coverage. He hopped out to look the bike over and crank it over, no luck for a few minutes... then he leaned over and switched the fuel tap back on and fired up her up easily... SH!T was I embarrassed!!

    Anyway here's a big THANK YOU to the cars that pulled over to help and to the cars that slowed down to check if all was OK. Not one single idiot out there that day except me.. who pushed the limits when conditions did not call for it.

    Some minor damage:



    Repairs: already bent the brake foot peg back into possie trusty hammer and pipe. The rest is just cosmetic, need to visit the wreckers around town... any reccommendations? I only know of the one in Heidelberg West went past it the other week. I got my first quote for the tank (filler and touch up) $400~ ouch! This is from a car smash repairer... going to take it to another repairer (bike) in West Heidi too. I was thinking maybe just touchup paint for now and gaffer over until I know I won't be dropping her again. Which I am setting as a personal goal. ;) :p

    On the other hand she would look pretty and schmick if she got a brand new paint job, and I babied her a little more (less likely to throw her down the road too)

    What do yas reackon?
    maybe with a different tank protector.

    Lesson: take it easy in wet conditions
  2. Bum luck, mate, but good to hear of friendly folk stopping to help, that softens the blow.

    Hopefully the Mighty Hornet will be her old self again real soon. You were very lucky you didn't damage the engine cases, they are expensive too!
  3. Glad to hear that you're OK, I take it from your post that you didn't sustain any injuries?
  4. Struth! You did have an exciting ride didn't you! :shock: Glad to hear your ok and will do it all again some day (hopefully not the falling over bit). :grin:

    As for fixing the bike, Ace Motorcycle Wreckers on Bell St in Heidelburg hights is close to you and Custom Colour in Heidelburg do good work with the painting side of things. :)
  5. good to hear you are in one piece
    could have been so much worse
    sounds like a cool ride thou
    hope you havent lost too much confidence
    take it easy
  6. Bleah, bugger. Is there a lesson to take from this?
    You dropped the HORNET??

    Seriously, glad to hear you're alright mate & that the bike isn't too badly damaged. Also great to hear that two cagers stopped to help you out - some people are actually nice! lol.

    I say it's time for a new paintjob!
  8. Glad to hear you're still in one piece, and the bike's not too badly damaged.

    It's also good that people stopped to give you a hand. :)

    I guess now you'll have to change your nick to "im.off.it"! :p
  9. Yikes. I clicked in with some dread. Glad to read it wasn't as bad as I feared. Hope all's mended soon.

    BTW, the knee looks a bit owch!! Did you have draggins or something on?? How'd the rest of your gear hold up?

    Glad you're basically OK!
  10. Bugger mate !!!! Well I guess its good to hear that you and your baby aren't to banged up.

    lol, I have done the fuel tap thing many years ago and still feel silly when I think of it.

    PMSL !!! :grin:
  11. It's ok to ride with Loz after all...

    :grin: :LOL: :LOL: :p
  12. No F'kin way man you ain't takin' me off my ride...

    Nee's knee needs nurturing, naked naughty nurses need only apply.

    I had the Draggin Cargos on, not as much abbrasion resistance as the Denims I guess... there's a couple of holes through to the cotton to the kevlar underneath. The seams on the reflective piping on the jacket got a good work out but seem to be holding together... got a hole in the RHS pocket area... probably from the small eye drop bottle in there rubbing against the road. The pocket lining is intact so still very much functional maybe not as waterproof as before...

    Seems I may have slid on my right hand side and then put my left elbow down to stop myself from kissing the ASSphalt... :shock:
  13. ... once you're back on the road proper, you'll have to change your knick to "im.back.on.it" :LOL:

    Good gear earns it's kudos once again. Consider getting the draggin velcro knee pads (<$30)... worth the investment. [Taa to BB who put me onto them :) ]
  14. Bugger!

    Chum Creek R'd can be fun, but there's a small section about 1/2 way up with a parking area that's full of red mud. People park in there and trail mud up and down the road and it's as slippery as anything. Is that near where you had the off?

    Glad to hear your'e ok though, the bikes got some battle scars but as long as you're well it's all good.
  15. With the 4x4s dragging mud all over the road, the odd diesel spill and smooth road surface, Chum Ck can be a slippery little bastard after rain. :wink: :)
  16. Good to See your OK!

    How is the knee comming along looked a little swolen! Have you had it checked out?

    As usual the bike damage always hurts more than the injuries!

    Hope to see you get back soon and don't worry about the Pride it will come back.

  17. Oh yes, thanks for the well wishes... I'm just a little sore on the knee. and the thigh aches a bit must have pulled a muscle... I think Knee pads would have saved me from a red knee. Did you say Bikemart?

    I'm already back on it, taking it really easy of course.

    cejay: I think it was the sweeping right hander a few twists and turns after the red mound parking area where the dirtbikers hang out. there's also a trail to the back... some kind of sign about berry conservations or wot not...
  18. Nee.... Leather time... I am doing research now.. :LOL: Hope you recover soon..
  19. Sorry to hear about your off. Karma points to the people who stopped.

    I found www.findapart.com.au a good way to find parts recently. It the lazy way of chasing up parts - you send out a request and wait for the response. :)
  20. ya poor bugger.

    oil sits on water, aggregate used in roads is for grip, but also to aid in drainage of moisture.
    soon after rain, any form of oil that is on the road is drawn from between the aggregates and freshly deposited on the entire surface of them. this is why it is the most dangerous time to be on the road. you can assume it is dry, (which technically it is) but it is slippery.

    good luck healing, you and the hornet.