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I'm on cloud nine!

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by YamahaWoman, Sep 19, 2012.

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    Finally got a V Star 650 Classic, it's been my dream bike for months, and I didn't expect to get it this quickly. I started off on a Virago 250 after I got my leaner's in January this year, but it wasn't long before the 650 caught my eye. The virago was the best thing for me to start on, anything bigger was initially intimidating. When I built up my confidence and started going on bigger rides the lacking power of the 250 started to bother me.I didn't like travelling on the Geelong ring road, I'd get to a hill and would have to go full throttle to stay at the speed limit. The bike already screamed in top gear at highway speeds and dropping a gear would make it sound like it was about to blow up.

    Being on a disability pension makes it difficult to save for a larger bike, so I was expecting it to take a few years. In time I got sick of my car, there was nothing wrong with it, but driving cars in general started to piss me off. I decided I'd sell it as it would help me get the new bike quicker. I also decided to sell my Vintage Fender '57 reissue bass guitar. The bass was the first thing to sell (thank you eBay) then not long after that I got an enquiry for the car on carsales. The roadworthy cost was high because of some panel damage I'd done to it when backing out the garage one day. Our garage isn't a double but you can get two cars in there, I just went too close to the edge this day and scraped the rear quarter panel on the garage door track. :censored: That damage cost $400 to fix, the all up roadworthy cost ended up being $864.

    On the 5th of September I went for my P's on my virago at Stay Upright in Geelong and got them. I managed to get a score of 19. (The lower the score the better, the highest score you can get before failing is 40. Smashed it!) Halfway through the test the battery on the Gopro went flat which didn't impress me, but at least I got some of it. Here's a couple of vids from that day:



    The next day I put the virago on bikesales, and only a few days later I got a call from a guy helping his son find a bike. They came around later that day and the father took the bike for a test ride. He was very impressed with it as was his son, but they had another bike to look at the next day. The father called the following day and said they liked my bike better and wanted to buy it. I booked it in for a roadworthy and got it in for the next day. It was a 2000 but it had been cared for very well and had almost 32,000 k's on it. I'd put about 3,700 on it in 8 months. I was very glad to get a phone call saying there was nothing that had to be fixed or replaced on the bike,and the same day I got it back and sold it to the new owner.

    That same day I also got my new beast! I'd seen it on bikesales a few months beforehand, but it hadn't had much interest since it had been put up around winter time. I'd contacted it's owner the day before and went to see the bike. Wow!!! I was very impressed and left a deposit that night. My first ride on it was from the previous owner's place in Point Cook back to my place in Geelong. I'd never ridden this kind of bike before so I was nervous, but it turned out to be a sweet ride! Very smooth and comfortable, and the power is certainly much better! I'd been riding for about 5 minutes before I realised that in all the excitement I'd forgotten to do up the strap on my helmet. It made for a nice video on my first ride though, here it is:


    I followed my mother home, she's the one with the gps lol. The ride on the highway was a bit of a hell ride, it was very windy that evening, even my mother's car was getting blown around... then it rained. ](*,) I made it home fine, the bike handled the crappy weather very well.

    Right now the engine is very quiet and sounds like a washing machine, I plan to put Vance and Hines short shots on it. :D I'm also looking for a shorter gear lever, being 5ft1 means it's a bit of a stretch to reach the lever. I can, but it would be more comfortable if it was closer. There are other things I'm going to change on it (mirrors, foot boards, hand grips, etc.) I'll post before and after pics when I'm done.

    What pissed me off is that I have some engine guards being shipped to me right now, but of course I had to drop the bike before they got here didn't I? :furious: I was out the front of a friend's place and attempted to do a U turn and park in front of their house. It was dark and I forgot how steep the hill is there... I was also still getting used the how far out the friction point of the clutch is (I've since had that fixed) and ended up going too slow. The bike leaned that bit too far over and I couldn't bring it back. It landed on my foot but the first thing I thought was "****ing hell, I just got this bike!!!"

    Thankfully it only ended up with a few small scratches on the mirror, indicators and pipes. No damage to the paintwork! I was lucky when it landed on me too, it was enough to trap my foot under it without actually hurting it, and I was able to lift the bike off it. I ended up with a bruised elbow (which I still can't lean on) and a bruised hip. Lucky for me none of this did any bad damage.

    It's a 2008, had a bit less than 5,500 k's on it and I paid $7,000 for it. I think I got a great deal! Sorry for the long post, now here's some pics!

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  2. CONGRATS! (y)

    I've seen a few of the whites around and they look awesome. I'm biased though as I got a Black Custom. :)

    Ride safe!
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  3. I like the customs too, both nice bikes. I haven't seen many white cruisers around, and this is certainly a head turner. I have to laugh when I pull up somewhere and take my helmet off, people look twice because the rider is wearing lipstick haha.
  4. Congrats, and a great yarn, an inspiration for others wanting to follow the same path, thanks for sharing it!
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  5. Nice ride gotta to love the cruisers. nice paint to the white does stand out
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  6. Nice one chicky - I was waiting for this thread to appear ;)
  7. Good for you, I bet you spend many happy hours/kilometres on it :)
  8. ...Looks fab!.... =D>

    Hope you have a lot of fun with it!...
  9. Very nice! Sure you'll have lots of fun with that.

  10. Beautiful bike. Thanks for the story too. Enjoy.
  11. I love those VStars, and thanks for the story, good read. Enjoy your new bike.
  12. Congrats Tahlia. Have fun.
  13. congrats! awesome you got the bike you love
  14. I was a bit slow on that haha.

    I still can't believe it's mine, I've never owned anything this nice before. :grin:

    Hoping to go on the pink ribbon ride with it, and this time I won't get left behind because the bike can't keep up lol.
  15. You go chick! Looks beautiful :)
  16. I had a classic an 02 model, luv'd it :) congrats Tahlia, white looks the best color out the lot I reckon and mine wasnt white either, if you go on the Pink Ribbon ride you might see a little lady on the same kind of bike with number plate 'TWINKLE' have a look and get ideas of what she'd done to hers.
  17. Well done, sweet cruiser, have a ball and take care, dont drop it on your toe.
  18. I did buy a handlebar last year but never put it on and it's still lying there in the box it came in.

    Here's the thread in the For Sale section if you're interested.
  19. nice bike, nice story - well done
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