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Im ok, zx14 on the critical list

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by oz_johnno, Oct 25, 2009.

  1. Howdi
    I was heading to the airport on friday for my monthly pilgrimage to see 'sponge bob and patrick' (my pet names for my boys) when my weekend was stuffed up completely.

    I was travelling along cantebury road in the right hand lane when a woman in a blue ford falcon pull out of a side street and hit me.

    I was doing about 70km/hr

    Next thing I know Im laying on the ground with a heap of people standing around me telling me to 'lie still' and 'dont move mate' while the woman who hit me blubbed into a mobile phone trying to call me an ambo.

    They took me to the hospital for scans and stuff, but Im ok apart from still finding sore bits of me 2 days later.

    The cops came to visit me and tell me that the lady will be receiving an infringement notice for failure to give way.

    The bike (pammy) was not so good

    The entire right hand side of the bike has been pretty much pulled off, the front fairing is cracked, the front mudguard needs to be replaced along with the right hand muffler, and the cooling system wont pressurize anymore because of radiator damage.

    I think it will be a close call as to wether or not it will be written off just based on the damage I could see, but if there is any more damage (forks etc) Im thinking it would be a dead cert.

    While I am insured, I asked the woman at the scene if she was insured, she didnt answer. Im hoping she is or it will put a hell of a dent in her christmas plans.

  2. Shows the nature of a person Johnno when you can still be concerned with the other person who caused this accident. Glad your not seriously injured, and hope the bruises and bumps heal up.

    Bad luck for Pammy, But she won't mind it when you get a new one if she can't be fixed. Maybe you could buy her back for a track bike.
  3. Sounds like that massive bike took most of the force of the accident which is good. Human bodies arent so replaceable.
  4. Heal up soon mate.
    I hope the limit at the scene is 70km/h.
    I'd be pushing for a write off.
  5. Oh maaaaan, I was racking my brain for a user called ZX14 and didn't like what I came up with! PHEW!! It's not what I thought.

    Sorry to hear about your prang Johnno. Hope you heal up quickly and well.

    Kwackas are built tough, the write off might be touch and go.

    Sorry mate, but I'm gonna ask my standard question that I ask when I drop into crash threads... is there anything you might do different next time to avoid a similar knuckle head driver?
  6. Glad you weren't badly injured. Hoping you heal quickly mate ..
    Chalk up another to the cagers for sticking it up a rider.
  7. thanks guys for all your well wishes.

    IN answer to your question robsalvv, I prob would have looked a bit harder.... The prob was I didnt see her as much as she didnt see me. If I had of seen her I would have at least covered the brakes if not set up as I usually do. My scanning (looking at the road ahead, down side streets etc) has gotten me out of trouble on more than a few occasions in the past.

    I just didnt see her, then when I had, it was one of those times when your brain goes into overdrive and everything seems to slow down. I had a choice to swerve or stay in my lane and I elected to stay in my lane as I did not have time to look over my shoulder.

    If you have a choice between an accident where you are at fault and one where someone else is, well the choice is easy isnt it.

    Its amazing how fast you can think when your survival instinct kicks in.

  8. sorry to hear mate.

    but as the others have said, it's good you're alright, and the bike can be fixed/replaced.
  9. Glad to hear you are ok & hopefully the bruises and aches heal fast plus insurance being settled fast to get you back on the road with little hassle
  10. Couldn't say it better. Get well properly and good luck with the bike.

  11. Fark sucks to hear about you going down man.

    Good to hear you're okay, its always better to hear about a smashed bike than a smashed up person.

    At least you could be looking at getting a new bike! Yewww!
  12. +1 everyone else, glad you're virtually unscathed and you just got a trackbike...
  13. Glad to hear you're ok. When I was 7 I got hit crossing canterbury rd down at the campsie end. Reading your post made me think of it again.
  14. Not good. I hope you make a speedy recovery and get back on a bike again soon!