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I'm officially in love...

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by thetrumpetplayer, Feb 19, 2012.

  1. [​IMG]

    Anyone else itching to test ride?
  2. What is it exactly? I like the mix of fairing with the naked bits in the middle
  3. i am, but i got another 2.5yrs on Ps :(
  4. its the MV Agusta F3. its a tripple cylinder 675cc bike :)

    in other words...sex on wheels!! (except those ugly pipes)

  5. I love the pipes! In the mind of the designer I'm sure it's meant as an external reference to the triple cylinder engine, plus it's makes the bike instantly identifiable in lieu of any other markings.
    I love the lack of decals, at first glance I though it was a new 848 (my current dream bike), but the exhaust was what made me look again.
  6. Yum. I hope it sounds similar to Triumph three cylinders!
  7. i agree with what you say. i just think they could have been positioned alot better. maybe like the F4s, undertail pipes.
  8. I saw the F3 Serie Oro and felt tingly in the pants...
  9. Doesn't look finished to me. Like they forgot to bolt half the bits on.
  10. minimalistic, 'less' is MORE :)
  11. I'll take a different colour. White never looks good 10 minutes after you take it out of the showroom.
  12. One of the most attractive sports bikes ever!

    And those pipes are one of the best parts about it imo....too bad most will be swapped for after market ones
  13. Totally agree with this - those pipes are the horn...
  14. Geez, the Italians know how to build some gorgeous bikes..........
  15. Which means it's 600 times better than black, which lasts about a second.
  16. I LOVE the pipes too

    and if I had a lazy 30 grand lying around..
  17. the F3 is 18K ride away. its the series oro thats 33K ride away.
  18. well given this thing is direct competition to the triumph daytona, i reckon undertail pipes would look like they're trying to replicate rather than decimate

    but yeah, that thing does make my shorts shrink. too bad i'd need to sell both kidneys and a lung to call one mine :cry:
  19. they're just one of those things, that'll 'grow on you' over time!
  20. I love this bike but am looking forward to the naked version of this (Brutale 675) as well.