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I'm officially 18!!

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by mdwallin, May 16, 2011.

  1. as of 24 minutes ago I'm offically 18!!!

    what did you guys do for your 18ths?

  2. pics or it didnt happen
  3. Ah woke up on my steps & was using my jeans as a blanket.

    Not one of my proudest moments lol.

    Happy 18th! ;)
  4. Probably masturbated, wondered when Id get laid, and enjoyed the novelty of going into 18+ establishments.
  5. I said to the barman, " I'm 18 today" he said " so what, you've been drinking here for three years"
  6. I'm unofficially 10.
  7. my 18th sucked. i got some good pressies though.

    the 21st was the good one :D
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    It was too long ago to remember, probably was too busy thinking about a girl I had a crush on, who was 6 years older. Eventually I succeeded and got what I wanted, but thinking back I had no idea what I was doing, no doubt she wasn't impressed and probably didn't enjoy as much.
  9. did things with you and 6 years older work out?
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    Yes, 21st was way better! GF bought me Tommy Hilfiger shirt and Nautica pants (see I still remember). Totally unexpected being poor uni students at the time (both of us).
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    The "yes" from my previous post was to echo 21st was better.

    No, 6 years older did not work out. Only lasted about an year before she moved to New York to unite with her sister.
  12. NSW's first Higher School Certificate
  13. My 18th, well, I was living alone... All my friends had exams on my birthday and after so no one could come out. Can't blame them, they were important.

    Luckily for me my last one was on my actual birthday so went to the pub where the bar man fancied me (yes, it was a he...). So he knew I wasnt that way inclined but still gave me free drinks all night. So winner I thought :D

    I actually lost the use of my legs for a bit and was having to hold myself up by holding onto the bar. Ahh, such fun.

    hehe enjoy your 18th!
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  15. :birthday: :beer: Happy birthday!!
  16. i didn't even drink on my 18th.....
    was offered free drinks all night but i opted out. never have been a big drinker
  17. Call me ;)
  18. bwahahahahahahahaha! :rofl: worthlesswithoutpics :p
  19. i think i drove around all day trying to find a bottle shop that would actually check my i.d.

    Eventually found one, she asked me "you're 18 right?" and i was like "JUST CHECK MY I.D PLEASE!!!!"

    that's what you get for being a dirty wog with a seedy, 18 year old's beard.

    Then went and got trashed on a degustation with accompanying wine list. Cause i'm all class.
  20. winning