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i'm not worthy

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Krooza, Aug 24, 2005.

  1. I need some advice from all you cool riders out there. If a new rider turns up on a CBR250R that is sprayed in RR colours with a big "RR" down each side (and he knows its a resprayed R), do other riders think he's a tossa?

    I only ask because I'm looking for a bike and 3/4 of the Rs for sale are painted up as RRs. And I'd hate to rock up to my first group ride looking like an idiot.
  2. ...

    Yes that's 100% correct - we only ride because it looks cool and chicks dig guys in biker gear.
  3. c'mon dude, you've got a RR. Doesn't it piss you off when someone has a lesser machine trying to pass it off as the same as yours? Honestly.
  4. Errrmm, well, 250cc "race replicas" ("race replica" is a wank anyway) could be see by some as a total wank regardless of the number of R's it wears. Look at it this way, if you saw a commondoor with a fully-sik-mate skirt kit and a hood scoop there for no reason...would you think the owner is a tosser?

    BTW, this smells trollish to me, en garde!
  5. ...

    You don't think perhaps that most of us would reserve judgement to see how the bike was ridden before making the call or does purchasing a 250 sports bike automatically make you a "wanna-be"?
  6. Now Deyago, put the baseball bat away, krooza has been here for a few weeks and asked lots of sensible questions.
  7. Spesh good profile guys in leather =P~ =P~
  8. Are you asking me directly? :)
  9. :LOL:

    No comments about my girlfriend's car, peoples! The "FULLY SICK!" sticker wasn't my idea... I just drive the thing! :p

    Don't worry about what it looks like dude. Most riders I know don't give flying toss how your bike looks if you're riding faster than them... unless they're jealous. ;)
  10. So what are you going to do? Respray the bike just so people will think better of you???
    Don't worry, it's just a bike, it's not you...And anyone who's shallow enough to judge you by your paintjob isn't really worth considering anyway.

  11. Uhh, no?

    I mean, your bike has more CC's than mine so...
  12. I prefer "whacking stick" and it remains cocked at an appropriate angle. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    Mybe I'm just being hopeful? :twisted: :p

    Ok, ok, benefit of the doubt and all that...........
  13. it really depends on how crap the respray is! :p :LOL: :LOL:

    only kidding, i can't talk i ride a POS. i can't imagine anyone caring what paintjob you've got unless its fluoro pink or something.
  14. Alright. I wont worry about it then.

    Hey, its good to see you've got our backs deyago!
  15. :LOL: go deyago :LOL:

    if you're worried about looking cool, your getting into riding for the wrong reasons. but as long as your worried about it, you get ZERO street cred on any 250, might aswell go and buy that duke 999 straight away and the colour coded alpinestars leathers with the ducati approved arai helmet aswell :D

    CBR250R, CBR250RR, ZXR250, ZX2R, FZR250, GSXR250 = the same shit in a different poop bag :wink: no-one will look at you like your a toss if you rock up on a 'fake' R cos no-one cares, much less notices. just get the best VALUE bike and enjoy riding :wink:
  16. cool, no one caring. that's all i ask
  17. "Race Replica".......let's just think about that tag and the bikes it gets attached to.....CBR1000RR, ZX10R, GSXR1000, YZF-R1 ....CBR250RRRRR.....pick the odd man out?

    fcuk the whole "race" bullshit off and buy a bike you can learn on. Worry about sex appeal when you aren't crapping your daks because you can't work out what to do when you come into a down hill receding angle corner too hot and need to make it out alive.

    I'm not stiring this time, I'm giving you some advice - buy a bike to learn on and let the posers wank on about how "race rep" their pissy little two-fiddy is. You'll be the winner when you come out a better rider who can do more than talk about how fast you are.

    Good luck matey. :)
  18. You could always do a Marty and convert it to Caveman Style by draping it with fur at speed.
  19. Tis the attitude of the rider that contributes most to the tosser factor, not the paint job. Get riding, listen to the good advice out there, laugh at the crap, don't take yourself too seriously and then do the right thing, buy an Across as your first bike.
  20. then they wont just think he's a toss, it'll be confirmed :LOL: :LOL:

    had to get in first :wink: