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im not on the train for 6 months. up yours copper

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by OldBellHelmet, Jan 13, 2009.

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  1. yep thats it. got to speak to the fuzz about how fast my bike can go this arvo only to be told that they didnt like it. my main form of ID is now in the pocket of a nice young fella with a blue XR6.
    why ?. 109 in a 60.
    why again ?. im a dumbass (although it was one of those 'i ride in an appropriate manner all the time' (95%) moments when i just felt like hitting it.
    was i on a road that they give birth to cops on ?. yes.
    again - i am a dumbass.
    even though as a mate rode my bike home and i was given a lift by another mate a P plater went past at about 140 in a 90. guess thats ok.
    the kms will stay down at least. :)
    aannnddd... no f#$ken peak hour for half a year.. :grin:
    yeah im going to try for a probation :wink: and no my bike is not in need of a baby sitter. :p

  2. Well, at least you got your big tour in before walking practise :LOL:.
  3. what do you do ?. the copper even said that it was a nice day and i should go have a few beers... so i did.. after standing next to him and just chatting so other motorists could see him.
    although... i can do track days if i like.cant I ?.
  4. Probably not if you don't have the licence.

    Bugger. What's PT like where you live?
  5. Fit a rocket motor to a pushbike.
    The licencing laws only refer to internal combustion engines - it's very vague on the issue of external combustion ;).
  6. Thats a dam shame mate, is this your first long stint?
  7. Let me guess: Pacific Highway, somewhere between Brooklyn and Gosford :?:
  8. I only LOL because, "Been there, done that" :rofl:

    You'll be back on in no time :)
  9. Tricky question. Do you get asked to produce it or just note the number on your registration form?
  10. You won't get the front gate at PI without showing your licence. For the rest you're ok.
  11. Thats a bugger to hear , same thing happened to a mate at work , lost his whole licence in 1 hit a few weeks back due to double demerits timing, hopefully the probation thing goes through, also can't you still ride till the fine is paid as technically you havent accepted it and legally could challenge any fine?
  12. Well that's another good reason to keep a spare!


    :grin: :wink:
  13. Looks like you are some form of secret agent!
  14. Bad luck! :(
  15. you beat me to it
  16. Only for minor offenses. He was caught doing 40+ They automatically take you licence and you are disqualified
  17. hi again.
    thanks for your thoughts..
    no not on the old pac although the last few runs up there would have seen me in jail. was in barrenjoey road on the newport hill for those who know it.had pulled over for a sec to grab a fishermans friend and when i took off a land cruiser did the pass nice and close to this guy so i showed him how its done...(just had to didnt I) no i didnt look at the speedo.. not even when i saw the hair dryer.
    thought i was in for about 80,90 at worst 100 and yes its the first throw away job.
    The PT up here isnt that bad i guess, although it will cost about the same to PT to work as it does to run my car for the same time.
    Theres a local solicitor up here who ill give a call to as he advertises for motorcycle riders (and rides himself..a kwaka man). with my good record he may be able to help get a probation licence but at the end of the day good record or not i did put on a good show for the coppers so i think its chow for now.
  18. The hole has been fixed at Old Pacific highway so now you can go from sommersby to cowan train station. Not that I don't think you guys know that already, I'm just bummed about Road Warrior Cafe clsoing down late last year. The traffic through the day may be slightly more, but it still good. I wonder if my hero knobs have washed their way down into Hawkesbury yet.

    Oh, and OP. Tsk Tsk!
  19. Time passes very Quickly. Don't stress.
  20. +1

    but oh u tell a funny story mike :LOL: that's crap luck, hopefully ur lawyer man can help out, however agreed, PT isn't' that bad in Sydney, much beta than Melb imo... enjoy the break :wink:
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