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I'm not and angry person...

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by ward_4e, Aug 1, 2007.

  1. :soapbox: but soccer / footy mums in those stupid metro 4wd bloody trucks have to F*#$ go.... you know the ones.

    Scenario: riding a push bike from home to work a down hill trip so i am starting to move (fat bastard rolling resistance... you get the idea) As I past a private school looking left to make sure no one is coming out of the driveway all shit breaks loose... As a pull level with the entry gate a white BMW thing decides to over take me at the gate and cuts infront, then stops....

    The world goes white... traffic to my right dumbarse in front and gutter to my left... i can feel the pain already... Luckly for me i spotted a gap and went for it.... looking back over my shoulder i got a clear view of what happend take a guess why she stopped?

    She stopped and went forward slowly to get over the ripple in the driveway gutter...

    she near killed me because in her 4wd that a small midget could run under wasn't high enough to clear a 1 inch ripple...

    ](*,) ](*,) ](*,) ](*,) ](*,) ](*,) thats it my hatred for all metro 4wd's has been renewed...
  2. But Felicity needed picking up for violin lessons...
  3. But she could not go fast over the lump in case the 20 inch wheels got dinged mate.
  4. and lets face it - you & your bike were on her road - she is bigger - and she probably does this manouvre every day and she is rushing - whereas you are only playing on your bike [-X
  5. While were on this topic...
    that territory add MAKES MEEE SOOOOOO FU(KN angry.. 'it doesn't feel like a big car/truck) GRRRRRRRRRRRR thats the last thing they need..
  6. Oh I seriosly hate this one.

    F#$king 4WDs with low Profile tyres on HUGE F#$king rims.
    I have no problem with 4WDs when you take em off road.
    Set em up properly,, you know a set of BFG Muddies or All Terains and a blody snorkle.

    If/When I am Filthy Rich I am going to buy a Porsche Cayenne, Set it up for Proper 4WDing, take it out and muddy it up the proper way, Then take it down to portsea and park it amoung the polished ones, dripping in mud and with dinged panels. Just so they see what one should look like.
  7. *has $100 that says it'd get reported and towed for "Lowering the tone of the neighbourhood"*
  8. But you can't. Apparently the brakes are so big you need massive wheels to fit them around the brakes and there are no off road tyres that fit the standard wheels....
  9. Hey if I have enough money to go for this fantasy...
    I'll have the breaks replaced with something more appropriate.
  10. lol!
  11. :LOL: ...Well FL, I guess whatever floats your boat... but if I had the money, the 4WD lesson wouldn't be the first thing I'd tick off on my list of fantasies... :-k :grin:

    Glad you're still here Ward! :)

    p.s. Top gear ran one of these pouncey 4WD's on rough greek roads versus a skydiver... the lack of grip and compromise for the brakes were the cause of a constant stream of bad language! LOL
  12. still here.... contemplating breaking a tail light next time it happens... claim that they cut me off and let the police deal with it...

    Idiot in 4wd vs poor innocent mountain bike rider on his way to work...

    I could have them up on driving without due care and attention within 5, reckless endangerment in 10 and then bring on the compo and 3rd party claim... for my "sore neck"
  13. Mum could have been in something like this :wink:


    You could have just gone straight under. :)
  14. Just a clarification - the ordinary Cayenne has smaller rotors and will fit offroad tyres.

    It's the Cayenne S (the Super-dooper Sportier one) with the upgraded brakes that has lower-profile wheels to fit over the too-big rotors, and it's the Cayenne S that TopGear raced against a sky-diver. :)

    Regardless, I don't think I'd be game to take one of those $80-120,000 4x4s offroad. Even the 'cheap' Toyota Prado is a lot of money to be crashing into trees and rocks and crap. (Likewise, I'm afraid of $16,000+ enduro bikes)

    $10,000 Suzuki Jimny or Sierra instead. ;)

    Sorry to hear about your incident, ward_e... I seriously get pissed when drivers don't realise just how fast a cyclist can travel on a downhill.
  15. Even on a flat a good cyclist on a racer can manage a stable 60kph

    And yeah a Vit is a fun car to get muddy.
  16. The Suzuki Vitara is actually a lot of fun for medium offroading.

    I had one that eventually ended up with a lift kit, aftermarket springs and shocks and a bull bar (plus 27Mhz and UHF radios), only had a hand winch though.

    I was often surprised how far off road I could take it :)
  17. Any Zook is fun to play in the mud with.. :cool:



  18. OT but can someone tell me why our state forrest tracks are being closed off? :roll: :?
  19. ah just wait. another interest rate hike or two and her dearly beloved husand, who's in debt to the back teeth to afford the trophy wife, car and house, will have to sell it all at bargain basement ... at which stage i think we should all be there, out of the kindness of our hearts, to relieve him of his burdensome assets.

    ....../ `--- STUMP IT UP ----_____|] â–’â–’â–“â–“â–ˆD
    .....), ---.(_(__) /
    ....// (..) ), ----"

    EFFIN conts with their effen trucks that never see dirt. they'll do ANYTHING to make sure they're ok, and to HELL with everyone else.


    because they dont need to give sh!t thats why. our government, justice system and the INCOMPETENT RTA say, sure, you can kill people, doesnt bother us.