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I'm not a real fan of HSVs or Monaros . . . but,

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Mickyb V9, Feb 29, 2008.

  1. . . . this thing gives me a hard-on !! :eek:


    Its a concept now, bets are its available by the Sydney Motor Show at the end of the year !

    Looks a little R34 Skyline but !!
    Maybe thats why I like it !!!

  2. I reckon it looks like a giant Astra!!
  3. I'm sorry, but if you want a car to give you a hard on, at least select something SEXY!
  4. Ooooh look at the indicators in the side-mirrors!

    They'll cost the owner at least $700 when you knock them off, after they try to run you off the road.

    Good stuff, Holden.
  5. Better to die in a powerslide than from old age though! :LOL:
  6. now this is sexy....


    still like the Monaro in that shot?
    silver paint ..and all
    luv it coz my HT Bathurst Monaro was silver :cool:

  7. Smtty the Vantage and the XKR are pretty much the same car.
    The XKR is just appointed better.
  8. Wow. A car. Woo.
  9. Nah - for once I agree with Jeremy Clarkson...
    The thing is, though, with the exception of the simply appalling Arna, I’ve loved all Alfas. In fact I’ve argued time and again that nobody can be a petrolhead until they’ve owned one. It’s a rite of passage. Think of it as the great sex that leaves you with an embarrassing itch.

    If you want sexy you have to go Italian...


  10. I've seen dumber shit....

    ...enter Ducati.
  11. Couldn't afford any of those.

    Could afford a Mini, I guess.

    Is a Mini a "sexy" car?

    My bloody oath it is ...


  12. Get one Micky. You can lead the mardi-gras in that gay thingy.
  13. But it's got a V8?! It can't possibly be gay!
  14. It is clearly a limp wristed car. You will not pass adr's with those faggoty pipes coming out "sic' behind the drivers window
  15. No way. I think they're fabulous.
  16. Ktulu, do you live near Oxford St in Paddo?
  17. No.

    It's safe to go for a walk at night, where I live.
  18. Yeah, Darlinghurst rd is good at nite.
  19. For the same price, you could get one of these:

  20. That Ferrari is not gay, Ktulu and Mickyb