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I'm normally so calm

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Marmitemonkey, Jan 22, 2008.

  1. As I said I'm usually calm, however today I lost it after a driver decided - after pausing I may add - that they would turn right across/into me as I was turning left. :mad:

    Brakes and horn were met with a dismissive flick, so I decided to pull alongside and vent. The driver shot up the road to escape, so I sped up to at least, oh 2kph over the street limit of 50, I reckon the car was easily doing over 70, by my quick calculations.

    Not wanting to encourage speeding, I slowed down and followed at a discreet distance. Car turns up side street and stops outside a creche. :shock:

    I pulled up and berated the driver quite soundly, but without swearing, which is a change. :) Her boyf' got out and apologised for her driving, but she didn't. :roll:
    I asked her if she usually drove like that with her kid in the car, to which she asked what I meant. I replied that she seemed to think it was ok to cause accidents to save a few seconds when collecting it. Silence.
    Boyf' said look no one was hurt, to which I replied no thanks to your driver. He said he rode too, and admitted that he understood the possible implications of her driving.

    Having vented my spleen I rode off a a sedate pace.

    Now I know I should have been calm and ignored the fools, but I just thought f#ck it you need to know what a nit wit you are.

    Anyone else ever snapped like that?

    Thanks for letting me rant btw :blah:
  2. I've dished out some verbal abuse.. I always want to do alot more, like follow them from a distance to figure out where they live, then come back later and smash all their car windows. Or beat them to death with a hockey stick.

    Sadly I always remind myself that any aggression usually turns the other person involved into defensive mode so they get aggressive back - in such situations they will come out refusing to accept what they've done is wrong and will hold a grudge against riders.

    Conclusion? Either make your point effectively without going nuts so that they don't pose a threat to others in the future (as much). Or just kill them.. Obviously the latter is more effective and alot more fun.

    Man I'm aggressive without sleep! :LOL:
  3. I am actualy quite happy to hear that you went and followed through and yelled at a driver. TOO MANY TIMES have drivers seen me, pulled out infront causing me to break quite hard. They always seem to SEE you but never WAIT for you.
  4. All in a days riding for me :wink:

    Funnily enough, the older I get the less tolerance I have for stupidity and ignorance. I mostly give a driver the benefit of the doubt unless (like you) it's a deliberate, calculated action rather than just simple brainfade.
  5. you must have to much time on your hands. I would rather get out of there and continue on my way, you are not going to change anything so why bother. Just look after yourself.
  6. ok, normally, i have a VERY short fuse. BUT ever since I started riding, i've become alot more docile.

    live by these rules and you'll live.

    expect them to cut you off
    expect them to "not see you"
    expect them to be ignorant inconsiderate fools
    remember you're the soft mushy one
    remember it dosen't matter who's fault it is
    remember that once it's too late all you'll be screaming at is a white light.

    Please don't expect that you've got the same rights or road presence as a car. I'm sure i've opened a can of worms here about what I just said.. but no matter how much rights we get on the road, there will always be one ignorant fool out there. So please take care of yourself.... No one else will.
  7. i'm the same, i've come to accept it.

    about 2 weeks ago i split up the front of the traffic, pull my bike in front of a taxi so i am side on to lead when light goes green.

    no way can this guy not see me but he still starts to move towards me....

    with 2 inches to go i am forced to bang on his bonnet, start yelling etc....he looks away in realising i am not going to move away... :p

    best to stay cool i tells myself! :p
  8. I know how hard it is to not go stupid and chase the driver ,but don't put your self in danger ,more so when you riding pissed off and not thinking straight.
    If your mad ,just slow down and pull over take a few seconds to calm down ,count to 10 slowly.

    Or do what I do .....I think back to the first time I had sex , that takes 10 seconds also. :LOL:
  9. +1 Habibi

    Ride like you are invisible ... then you are never surprised ...

    What gets me is why some cage can drive 70 in an 80 zone but then continue doing 70 when it changes to 60 !!! WTF !!!

  10. ive been lucky so far, ive had a few close calls, but all have apologised by the time ive got up to the drivers side window. once they apologise, i dont feel the need to tell them about how stupid they are, as they have most likely realised it.

    i think he has done a good thing, i always think if you can get your point across to a stupid cager without puting the fear of god into them, maybe they will listen, and take more notice. if that saves 1 riders life because a cager pays more attention when riding on the roads, its worth while.
  11. I haven't been riding long, but my daily commute is right through the city centre at peak hour... It's more of a surprise when they do see you AND actually wait.

    Back to the OP though, never gone off my lid at anyone, but have been close to rapping my carbon fibre'd knuckles on the car windows of people oblivious to everything but their conversation on their mobile phone.
  12. Depends on the drivers reaction to me abusing them for their f-up.
    I have stopped in traffic & actually punched one d-head & knocked him out as he tried to knock me off because I filtered through the traffic in front of him. I've kicked a few mirrors off moving & stationary cars after being given the finger for tooting my horn after they'd cut me off. I even followed a young P plate guy to his house & knocked on the door & spoke to his father about his son's driving habits. Stuff them! They have to realise the consequences of their actions & what could happen. That's my rant. Duncan
  13. I must confess to having kicked a couple of tail lights in... usually screaming "NOW CAN YOU SEE ME YOU BLIND F*CKER!!!"

    And with good boots you don't even hurt your toes....
  14. i think people need a good yelling at.
    ots the way you say it as well, if you start swearing then thats making the situation worse.
    but if you say hey you almost cclipped me, you have to open your eyes etc.

    you can forgive those drivers who really dont see you sometimes they salways wave to say sorry etc.

    but you get tossers on there phones etc who think they own the road.
  15. Absolutely agree, but today I just snapped my carrot. :evil:

    After years of cycling in cities, inc London and Sydney, I am used to tools who think they own the road cos they've got 4 wheels and like to pretend you are invisible if you have 2. I did once chase a car in London on my pushie, and caught up too; hooray for gridlock. Told him he was a twit or words to that effect and made a hasty escape into the rest of the traffic. Only other time I've done it - honest!

    I was just sort of wondering if anyone else was normally calm and just had one too many purple monkey-headed-goat-blowing-tadger-brains and got a bit cross. :twisted:

    It's also nice to be able to vent to people who've had similar things happen.

    Thanks to all, even if you think I should have a) just ignored them or b) blasted the crap out of them with a HUGE laser :wink:
  16. Pick B pick B!
  17. I punched a Hiace windscreen in once. Does that count?

    It was in Bell st coburg. Pouring rain. Car turning right across me goes. I brake as hard as I dare, lock the back, just going to make it. Thumb on the horn.. lights on high beam. And the Hiace behind him goes as well

    :shock: :shock:

    I tweaked past his back bumper by inches. Actually stopped past the intersection. Went round the block.. cought the guy just as he stopped outside a house. Had a go at him while he was still in the drivers seat... door shut.

    "I don't care mate. Got a bullbar" Then he rolled the window up.
  18. I'm a self-confessed pussy when it comes to yelling and stuff.

    A couple of times I've tried to have a go and have just been met with "Why don'y you just fcuk off?"

    Can't really compete with that. I don't like swearing at random members of the public. Guess I just have to console myself with the fact I have an enormous penis. :LOL:
  19. I doubt that I'd be very intimidating on my bike, so i woldn't chase someone.. But I still scream obcenities at people when they cut me off/decide to 'share' my lane with me.

    Even if they can't hear me I still feel better.
  20. I too feel like a rant so here goes

    I don't get worked up when people do stupid things on the road because as stated in an earlier post I just expect it these days. What really gets me going is a situation that happened yesterday

    I was riding past a driveway and the car was going to pull out and saw me at the last minute. I made sure I got eye contact with him and pointed my finger in a "stay where you are" sort of way. The guy then goes ballistic hurling abuse as i go past him.

    If you have done the wrong thing on the road and I have called you out on it, pull your head in, suck it up and acknowledge you have been a !@#$. You have NO right to get abusive if you are in the wrong.

    rant over and yes i do feel better