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I'm New

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by pammy311, May 8, 2008.

  1. You're right , should have introduced at first post.
    I have a 81 xs11 that I have fallen in love with. Owned for 12 mths now.
    Getting it resprayed next week.
    I live at Patonga nsw.
    A great destination for a ride now that we have a little tavern with food.
    Riding the putty rd this Sat, I'll see a few of you out there.

  2. hi and welcome to "netrider the madhouse" :grin:
  3. Welcome

    That's a Yamaha XS1100? A standard, special or midnight special? An enthusiast's bike for sure.

    I'm from Melbourne but I've been to Patonga. A few nice roads on the way down from Kariong! Nice little "fishing village" there, the price of a house there aint cheap there any more!
  4. A new Netrider on an excessive elephant!! Welcome to Netrider; the stories I could tell about the old XS :LOL:.

    You didn't post how old you are, but you might find this fascinating reading

  5. howdy n welcome