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I'm new!

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Lloyd, Feb 1, 2005.

  1. Howdy, just thought I'd introduce myself and ask a question straight off the bat.

    My name's Samuel, and I'm from Tasmania. I currently don't have a bike, I've got an AWD Turbo Lancer and a 1964 Mini, neither are stock. I had an XR 250, 2001 model but I sold that 12 months after I bought it, because at the time I was a bit unemployed. It was a bloody good bike, I loved it, and I want it back but I can't find it.

    Anyway, now I'm wanting a bike again. I've been riding since I was about 5 (23 now) and I want a 250, and it'll either be a VTR 250 or a VT 250 Spada. I love 4 strokes, and I want a good handling bike that isn't huge, as I'm not a huge dude anyway.

    Mainly for the Spada owners - If I was to get one and wanted to enhance performance and noise, where the bloody hell do you find filters and exhausts?

    No doubt I'll be around sussing this place out, thank ya.

  2. Welcome to the fray. Jump in boots and all, above all have fun!
  3. G'day Samuel. Another Taswegian!

    Who's going to nominate their place as Southern HQ?!!! :LOL:
  4. I must say, this is a bit weird.
    I'm only really on one other forum, and I'm a Moderator there, so without the banning options and all that crap, I feel slightly naked.
    (I'm the bastard moderator on a car forum that seems to attract the fully sik 15yo's who like chrome wheels and neons - which I hate)
    But thanks for the welcome. I just saw a Spada in the For Sale section of this forum, in Tasmania... bugger it... :p
  5. woohoo
    another member
    from down souf

    welcome :D
  6. Heya :D

    Welcome welcome :D

    Lisa :twisted:
  7. Hi there mate, welcome to the forums.

    :D :D
  8. We seem to be getting a few Taswigens joining the site lately. Welcome aboard.

    Hey, do you think we might be able to convince the Vic gov to go halves in a toll tunnel with the Tas gov so we can get to meet each other?
  9. Bad enough going over Bass Strait without trying to go under it!! Imagine the ventilation issues in a tunnel that size!

    Every Victorian motorcyclist should make the effort to get to Tassie, the roads are heaven. So the real question is - How many tasmanians are willing to play host and show us the "best of the best" roads down there?? :D :D
  10. I say we organise a trip across for mototrcycle week
  11. That is a good call Vic. Though I am going there with the Ducati crowd in about three weeks WOO HOO.
  12. G'day Lloyd, & welcome

    Where in Tas are you? Hope you're in the south, I need to have a coffee night!!!!

    Does it have to be a Spada? I know of ZZR 250 in almost new condition going on sale in Hobart soon, done around 10k.
    There's a reasonable condition (coupla minor scratches on the tailpiece) Yamaha Zeal with low K's @ Motorworks in Hobart as well.

    I haven't the experience to show you the "best of the best" (yet), but I will certainly do my best to help out in any way I can.
    I have a spare room, heaps of tent parking space, and undercover parking for a coupla bikes.

    Also "Joes Garage" in Hobart must be the number one bikers drinking hole in the world, they have "backpacker" type accomodation for bike riders, (see the last aust road riders magazine)

    But really, just come down, park yer arse in any spot you feel like, then go and ride, you're only 15 min max from wonderful roads no matter where you are in Tas. PM me if anyone comes down, I'd love to meet up and put some faces to the characters!

    pick me!!! pick me!!! PICK ME!!!

    My first order of business.... declare that teal is in fact a type of DUCK, not a real colour :p

  13. Quack!!!

    (If it looks like a duck, etc...)
  14. I saw that Zeal at Motorworks in town, I walk past it pretty much daily on my way to work. I hadn't seen one before, or hadn't taken notice as I'm a bit more of a dirt type of person.
    And yes, it's gotta be a VTR or a Spada! Thanks though dude, I'm one of those people that has a set mind - I don't like Kawasakis. Just like some people hate Fords, or Holdens, I cannot stand Kawasakis.

    As for the roads, well I currently take the Mini and the GSR on some bloody insanely good roads down here. Grass Tree Hill owns in both my cars, but yeah, I know they're favourites for bikes too.
  15. G'Day Lloyd,

    Another tassie rider here, haven't found anywhere in the state to get reasonable priced bike parts yet either, would be interested to hear of some though as I need a new can!!!

  16. oh god, brand loyalty :shock: they're probably all made in the same factory :LOL:

    welcome fella, if you're short enuff to find the spada comfy, then get that. faster than the VTR and tonnes cheaper, they dont look as good but you win some you lose some. i woulda got one but they're way small for me, i got a bandit instead.

    i wouldn't worry about trying to make it faster, make sure it gets a good tune and it'll be about as quick as you'll get without spending the price of the bike again working on the motor etc. just hang with it till the restrictions are over and get a real bike, thats a much more worthy performance upgrade :wink: drill a coupla holes in the back of the exhaust of you really want it loader, or you could spend $400+ on a pipe for it.... probly wouldn't get that back tho when you sell it :?
  17. Good luck Vic!!!!!
  18. Fair enough, I'll keep an eye out.

    I work in Melville St, so we should be able to meet in town somewhere for a chat 'n coffee. Every Thursday a few of us meet up at the New Sydney for lunch (12:00 till 1:00) if you want to join in.

  19. I'm not a tall dude and I weigh a huge 63kg, so yeah, it'd be good for that.
    My brother is getting a custom made exhaust apparently, for his FZR, he works at Incat so it's not like there's a lack of stuff around for it. Anyway, he reckoned I could get one for the Spada too. Basically it'd cost for materials. I know when I modded the XR with a filter and a Staintune muffler, we put the biggest jets we could in the carby and it could really have used more fuel above about 100kph...

    Even though I want a road bike now, there's this nagging part of me that's screaming 'XR250 again you dumb fsck, CBR rims and brakes, make a Super Motard...'

  20. :shock: :shock: more like a super retard! :p

    Joking of course