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I'm new, where do I start?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by fatjoez, Apr 27, 2013.

  1. Buy a bike

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  2. Do a training course

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  1. So I've decided to try motorbikes!

    a bit about me

    - car driver for 7 years (auto & manual)

    - just got the Queensland Learner License (written test)

    - bike budget $2000-3000

    - bike prefer Honda CBR250R / RR

    - done lots of reading, inc. "So you wana ride a bike Pt1",
    so I know a lot of basic theory.

    - haven't done any practical yet on a motorbike


    So what now? :couchpotato:
  2. Get an instructor and a learner permit. You think you want a CBR250RR, but until you try out several types of bikes, what you think you want now and what you do want after some time on different bikes don't always match up.
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  3. Get to your nearest Qride outfit, get some lessons, learn, pass qride test, test ride everything you can, buy bike.
    Easy :)
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  4. After you do a training course, buy some gear, THEN buy a motorbike.

    Up to you if you want to wear the gear, but at least buy it so you already have it on hand.
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  5. Agree with QRide first. Budget for that.
    First might be an intro in the intro thread here.
  6. Start in Neutral. Next would be first gear which is "push down". You'll figure the rest out.
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  7. #7 MONKEYMAN, Apr 28, 2013
    Last edited: Apr 28, 2013
    well you can work on your nodding for starters.
    particularly learn how to differentiate between an oncomming scooter or motorbike, so you don't fcuk up.
    you could practice filtering in a busy shopping centre. single mums with prams behave remarkably like cars. if you can split two oncomming single mums that's a win. i'd try Westfield Fountain Gate.
    and perhaps try out a few running kicks to car mirrors in the car park after.
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  8. I had 3 people in my L's class at HART who failed that were supposed to be picking up their bikes the next day!

    L's first.
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  9. Do the learner's course, even if it's just to test the waters. Make sure you enjoy riding before you buy a bike and make a big commitment.

    With that said, you'll probably love it! I fell in love, and bought a second hand Honda VTR250 only a few weeks after getting my learner's permit. The bike is perfect for learning to ride on, I highly recommend it. I got mine for $3200, but there are more ridden ones for as cheap as $2700.
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  10. I bought a bike, then got a friend to help me practice like mad over a week. Then went for my Ls.
  11. OP is in Qld and has his L's. QRide for the P's is much more costly than L's in NSW but the way to go I reckon. Could ride on his L's if he got a Bike but would need a supervisor.
  12. Do your Qride to get your P's.
    Then, buy my bike .....
  13. Dont forget the bike riding gear. Which will easily eat into your budget.
  14. A good helmet and a quality leather gloves + jacket with armour are essential!
  15. I got a VTR250 too and it's been really good to learn on. Kind of torn on whether to say buy a bike before or after getting licence though... I bought mine on a whim a few weeks before my Ls. I found riding really hard but because I'd already forked out a few thousand on buying the damn thing plus all the gear I forced myself to practice and now it's awesome :)

    Having my bike early though did mean I could practice in a local carpark (my boyfriend rode it there and I practiced on it) a few times and then we visited one of his friend's who let me use one of their Ag bikes to ride around and around a field, which helped as I probably would not have passed my Ls with zero riding experience. I sucked though.

    Don't forget to factor in insurance for the bike you want, rego, gear, and stamp duty (though not sure what it is in QLD).
  16. Do and pass learners course. Only then go and buy bike and gear - if you go to a bike shop rather than private sale they might do a deal on bike and gear for you.

    You will need to budget between $200 and $1200 for a helmet, depending on which brand/model fits you best. A reasonable textile jacket will cost between $200 and $300, the same again for pants. Boots will be a few hundred as well and gloves, well you can pay anything from $50 to $250 on a pair of gloves.

    Other than a helmet you can buy this stuff second hand. Do not ever buy a second hand helmet that you intend to put on your head.
  17. I'd say do the course with zero prior practice. Did mine without riding before. Even 5 years since riding a push bike. Go in there learn the way they want you to ride, you can make your own decisions on riding techniques later.
  18. If you've got your Motorbike L's as in can ride a bike on the road, get a bike and go for it.

    Get a comfortable helmet. The lower price ones tend to have a one size fits all shape that I didn't like. Once you get to about $300 they start to either fit nice or not at all. I found probably 3 brands in my price range which fit nice out of about 15.

    Get gloves, and a jacket. Not only for protection but for warmth. I learnt very quickly, you get bloody cold on a bike, especially riding to work a 4am :coldfeet:

    Start around the backstreets during day time and good weather. Take it easy. I found the whole Brake, look, indicator, clutch, gear down, turn corner thing real daunting at first, although I am an experienced manual car driver. Don't try and be a hero. The first couple of times I road at 60 and above I took in the fact I was on a two wheeled non protected machine, took a look at the asphalt racing around me and said "I do not want to come off and land on that".

    Watch youtube videos, read these forums. Wealth of advice from real experienced people.

    Most of all, ride within your limits, and enjoy the freedom!
  19. In Queensland and WA, L-platers aren't allowed to ride on the road without an experienced rider shadowing them.
  20. Some good advice above. If you get stuck, I'm local and have been doing this stuff for ages. Choose a helmet that fits, regardless of price, high or low. As Mick says, the rest can be bought second-hand if in good order. Gumtree's motorcycle accessories section is always worth a look. Insurance? Hitting someone else could get very expensive. And find some extra money and buy Samboss's bike. It's as clean as a whistle, reliable, and will be cheap to run. Which an old CBR250RR might not be on your budget.