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I'm new too!

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by amelia_eve, Oct 23, 2007.

  1. Hi I'm amelia and i work with Danielle and she made me go to PS one lunch time at work and now i am in love witht he ccbr125 (see my post in gernal discussion) anyway i thought i would be nice to say hello here, so hello :shock: :LOL: :grin:

  2. Welcome to Netrider :) There's no backing away slowly now.... ;)
  3. Welcome Amelia!

    You are in the lucky position to join NR pre-loaded. That is, you all ready know some of us!

    Have fun on the beast!

  4. welcome. danielle hasnt convinced you to get a balius has she? it loves the revs apparently...

    the cbr125 is nice choice of bike, unless you are tall and lanky. then you end up looking like a comedy monkey at the circus, a bit like i do both on my vtr250, and just in general.
  5. haha, beast

    ahh you have been reading my MSN name rob... i put that up there i think cos i was told bikes loved to be revved out (after i spent my 1st week not exceeding 6000RPM.. balius goes up to 20,000) anyyyyyway... everytime i use dodgy msn from work, eg imhaha or communicationtube , it reverts back to that name! blahhhhhhh and i think it gives me a really enthusiastic smiley face as my user icon too? not sure , i dont have me on my mSN list :p
  6. Welcome Amelia!!!
  7. not too sure danielle... hope it does tho, everyone loves an overenthusiastic smiley. except for the balius horsey. its too busy with the revs :p
  8. welcome to NR, steal danielle' bailus, you will enjoy it more haha
  9. As you can see, Amelia, welcome to Nutrider :LOL:.
  10. Hey Amelia and welcome!

    You work with me too... hehe (Jordan)

    Drop by my desk one lunchtime and you can have a sit on my SRX250, it's about your size.

    So when have you got the Ls course booked? :grin:
  11. Welcome amelia

    well done danielle!
  12. mmmmmmmmmm Danielle ;)
  13. Hello everyone,

    Thanks for the greetings!

    Jordan, had a sit on your bike today. I tried out Danielle's and it fits perfectly, I'll take it!

    Cheers :)

  14. Welcome to NR amelia :p