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im new to riding and have no idea...no power

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by ashrose, Jul 17, 2012.

  1. hi all
    im not mechanically minded so ... forgive a fool
    my problem is basic, my bike has no power.
    i assume the battery is stuffed but here it is...
    i washed my bike the other day and the next morning there was no power...no lights no nothing.
    i tried to push start her but she wouldnt fire..i can hear the motor poping over but she just wont fire. i tied to hook her up to a car battery (without starting the car) and nothing, waited 5-10mins and still nothing not even lights. i cant even push the starter button in.
    my bike is a hyosung gv250 2006 i bought second hand from a yamaha dealer in vic.
    ive had it for about 4 months (first bike)and over the last 2 months ive been having trouble with power..the battery has gone flat 3 times(i work early morns and tend to run lights all the time) but each time i could push start it.
    but this time shes dead as dead as dead can be.
    is my battery finaly stuffed(should i have got something from hooking up to car) or could i have got water in some where or could it be more serious.
    its due for its second full service..unsure of first full service/unsure of previous history.
    any advice would be good

    dont forget im mechanically stupid
    thanks in advance

  2. You answered your own question-about half way down.
  3. Blabbus has a point.

    But try double checking the cut-off switch. Should be above the ignition.

  4. There is your answer.
  5. ID be looking @ the fusebox , if You had it hooked to a car battery , key on - with nothing?

    Or pay one of those guys who is not a mechanical moron - and dont wash the hyo before sale
  6. hahahaha...thanks guys
  7. The 2006 - 2008 hyo's were renound for electrical issues. If you google around I'm sure you'll find some info. :)
  8. The thing about electrical problems is that without the right tools it's an expensive guessing game. Best just to take to to an auto electrician if basic things (fuses etc.) aren't obvious.
  9. Peter Stevens would have fixed all them-wouldnt they ?
    So im told here.
  10. Battery is likely 7 years old
    Any mech would start right there , hooking up to a car
    Does not eliminate a dead battery as you.describe.

    Buy a battery , its money well spent regardless
  11. Disconnect the battery from the bike and try charging it.Give it a few hours and test it with a 12volt light globe.If it has any charge reconnect to bike and test it .If it does not turn the motor it is likely the battery has had it. Seven years is old for a battery.
  12. Also you may want to try korider.com, forum for hyosungs... Seem to have alot of fixes for electrical issue on the older models - fingers crossed the new ones are sorted :D
  13. thanks morbosity you were dead on the money.
    swaped the fuse over and away she went.
    and to think i nearly payed for some one to come and have a look.
    you saved me a packet so.....
    THANKS .
  14. /facepalm
  15. and to every one else thanks for the advice the problem is now solved (till the next one)
  16. Such a simple problem...lesson learned hey ! It's one more thing you know to check in the future if needed - glad your back on the road mate
  17. thanks 87crisis...something so simple i cant believe i didn't just look at it ](*,)
    its been 4 frigin days... you've gota laugh tho. but like you said lesson learned
  18. Don`t worry , its to easy to panic and over look the small stuff

    I nearly did a ABSectimy because of two tiny freekin seals in the lump of metal that is the beemers power braking system.
  19. Don't worry... I've nearly taken my bike to the mecahnic because the kill-switch was on... We sometimes look right over the small things. :p