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Im New...Hey...

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by kenno, Dec 13, 2007.

  1. Hey, i was told to join when i bought my first bike last week. I bought it off phizog, a member on here, a Kawasaki ZZR250, im still very new to riding but already love it!
    I go for my learners course this fri/Sat and do the RTA test this Monday 17th. Ive been told that its easy, but if anyone has and hints n tips to make sure im on the road by next week i would love to hear 'em. Thanks.

  2. Congrats on getting the bike. It's one you can be fairly sure hasn't been thrashed :rofl:
  3. Hey mate, it's great to know he's finally sorted the brakes out and it's back on the road.

    What colour did he end up having it spraypainted, btw?
  4. :shock: :shock:

    Why are people so cruel ? :?

    :LOL: :LOL: seriously, Welcome Aboard and Good Luck with the bike !
  5. Haha hey mate. Good to see you found your way here.

    You will have to work hard to destroy the cloud of slowness that I transmitted onto the bike via the phizog barrier (me slowing down all the learners so they didn't crash into things). But everyone on the site whos ridden with me knows its been well looked after and never thrashed.

    I'm legal to ride the SV in about 6 weeks so I'll come show it off then :)


  6. suffer jared, it will be the hardest 6 weeks of your life

    oh and welcome kenno
  7. thanks guys. Umm he got it done in white/chapmagne. I think it looks fair wicked. Ive seen a few other ZZR's around and i think mine is by fair the better looking bike.

    And dont worry guys ill be riding safe and sure on this bike too. I think i have been getting the Gist that Jared rides it slow and steady, which is great for me buying the bike. And i wil lalso be riding in this style... Atleast till i get my license..... haha...but seriously i really dont need any broken bones right now.... haha
  8. welcome to NR kenno!
    now, does the zzr do over 80km/h? i heard thats phizogs top speed on her :LOL:
    :p @ phiz...
  9. well i can tell you that its current known tops speed is 110hm/hr.... havent really been daring enuf to go much faster... im new to biking and dont want to do anything dumb....

    Or have i already?? probably, but oh well....
  10. Hey kenno, welcome to NR!
    Nice bike. I've only ridden a mate's ZZR250 so far since getting my L's, was good fun.
  11. Welcome kenno I'm sure you will breeze through the licence test. Well if I did you have too.

    See ya on the road :biker:
  12. Welcome Kenno,

    You will be very happy with Phizogs bike. :grin: . James you are mean :p ..

    Safe rding
    Cheers Lou
  13. hi and welcome :p
  14. Thanks for all the welcomes and luck givings.... :?

    I just passed my first day of the course... Teacher dude sed thats its easy enuf to pass and that i will pass tomorrow. Then its the DKT on monday and im legal.... WOOO
  15. Lol hey Kenno i can asure you that your bike was never resprayed , it had some very minor scuff marks repainted only and yes jared was great for keeping the caged riff raff off our arse :LOL:
  16. lol yeah he sed that he had had some minor touchups. So can you vouch for the condition of this bike?
  17. yeh mate i certainly can its imaculate , i infact did the touch ups and as i said your bike has never had a flogging in its life nor has it been thrown down the road you got yourself one noice bike mate .

    cheers Bob
  18. ahhh he dropped your name Bob, he said your the guy i come to if i want a change of colour or anything like that... You may be hearing from me if your interested.... Not yet though.... i still like it in white.

    But my preferences tend to change often...
  19. okay well passed my course today...go for L's monday.

    Kind of annoyed....its sooo nice this weekend i wish i could go for a nice road up the beaches.....GRRR oh well plenty of time for that
  20. Congrats mate !!