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I'm new here

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by lipstikpig, Apr 3, 2012.

  1. Hi everyone

    I am a mature (age) newbie, licenced 2 months, riding a Suzuki GS500 (Dec 2008) naked bought privately in Sep 2011. I've added about 4000km so it has now just over 30000km.

    I am lucky, at present I live in NE Vic so in a few short months I have ridden all over our fine twisty roads including up Mt Hotham and back down via Falls Ck, etc.

    Before I became a rider, I did not realise how much a rider has to think and do! I am keen to learn and improve and find it all challenging and rewarding.
  2. Welcome!
    What license are you on? Still on L's or have you got to your open already?
  3. Full licence.

    But with LAMS restriction and 0 BAC for 12 months.
  4. Welcome to NR. (y)

    You're right about the learning part and it's a never ending process.

    Enjoy the heaven that is riding and ride safe! :)
  5. Greetings, enjoy :)
  6. Howdy.. I had a naked GS500 before.. loved it :grin:

    Alas.. you're in Vic.. as nice as the scenery and twisties they may have, I would imagine you'd enjoy it more if TAC gave you guys a break for a change..
  7. I'm lovin it too. Not too small, not too heavy, not too slow, not too crazy, not too expensive, not too complicated (y)

    ... for me at this stage of riding anyway.

    Am quite pleased that my ignorant-but-researched choice of learner bike worked out for me, and will happily pass it on to the next L plater when the time comes.

    Only negative so far is my legs are a bit long for it, wouldn't mind a slightly less bended knee, leads to leg cramps on long rides.

    Hey, this site is really friendly and helpful (my other post in maintenance forum). :)
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  8. Hi and welcome to NR.
  9. Welcome to the fun!

    You may be able to fiddle with footpeg adjustment on the GS, i don't know cos I've not owned one...
  10. OK I am going to have to ask. Lipstikpig?

    Where does the name come from? I need to know because at the moment it conjures up all sorts of inappropriate images in my mind and I am thinking you have just drageed your user name across from some less salubrious forum :LOL:
  11. Comes from the American saying "you can put lipstick on a pig, but it's still a pig".
    Same as the concept of "turd polishing".

    Meaning if something is crap, it's pointless wasting effort on it.

    So if you see a pig with lipstick on, someone (possibly the pig) is trying to impress you ... but it's not working.

    Wait, what? Are you suggesting I frequent less salubrious forums? This is the least by far ... :grin:

    PS: I am not responsible for your inappropriate imagination :grin:
  12. are you my ex wife.
    spitting image
  13. Thanks piggy
  14. WTF are you doing on here at 05:29 am? Insomnia? Dreaming of the ex?
  15. welcome to NR, errr might leave you n MT1 to sort yourselves out there lol