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I'm new here, show my V-Star 650 Custom and need some advise abt Saddle bags

Discussion in 'Cruisers' started by obelisk, Jun 16, 2011.

  1. Hi everyone,

    Looks like I'm the only young asian here owning a Cruiser :angel:

    Looks like its a nice place to be cos u guys are friendly!

    I'm on my L's and only own the bike for 1 week so far and I love it!

    ATM I'm seriously considering get a pair of leather saddle bags ASAP cos I need carry some stuffs to uni everyday...... but most of them are way too expensive in local dealership, so is there any one would like to share the experience where u get ur bags from and how much?



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  2. Obelisk,

    Saddlebags are generally expensive items, and especially if you want reasonable ones.

    Mine are Willie and Max (see my profile pic), and you can have a look at the range here. These bags will be a lot more expensive than what you see on the W&M website though if you source them locally - they are bulky items and cost heaps to freight. From memory mine cost about double what the website quotes.

    You will also need to get the support brackets to keep them off the wheel. I got mine from a store on FleaBay.

    And Welcome!
  3. Mine weren't cheap unfortunately. Nearly $800 locally.

    They are K-Drive ones.


    Another Netrider bought some for his custom from the Bike Gear place on Phillip Island. They were the type that strapped under the seat from memory. They were a lot less than $800.
    PM StreetMaster and I'm sure he'll give you the details.
  4. Nope your not the only Azn with a cruiser..............youve got great taste though :)

    Heres mine, its also got a saddle bag now but dont have any pics. Was a pretty cheap full leather saddle bag from Parklea Markets. Saddle bags are great bike sliders :).


    Aka do you also have a cruiser and a sports bike? damn dude thats the only way to go. Best of both worlds.
  5. Yeah. I spoil myself.

    I bought the cruiser as my first bike and a few months later decided to buy something a little sportier as well (a NINJA 250). Then I upgraded the Ninja to an R1.

    So now I've got the 650 cruiser and the R1. :)
  6. Hi there akaluke, nice cruiser you have there. did the hypercharger make much difference? I have just purchased one yet to fit and was wondering if I wasted my $$$$

  7. I have a pair of willie and max 16" slant saddlebags that I have just taken off my VSTAR - you can have for $100 - I bought a new mustang seat and the bags were rubbing against it. I replaced them with a pair of 12" bags.

    PM me if you want more info/photos.

    PS. $100 + P&H - I'm in QLD
  8. There's a little shop called eBay that has some cheap saddle bags. But ^^ sounds good.
  9. I bought mine with the hypercharger already fitted.
  10. Great deal mate.

    I think im going through the same route. Cruiser as my first bike then bought a sportier RS125 then either an RS250 or an R6/1 by the end of the year.

    Its interesting that you havent sold the cruiser, ive thought about selling mine but it just looks all nice and shiny, plus all my friends and family prefer sitting on it than any sports bike.
  11. What can I say, I still like to ride it :)

    Plus it looks all nice and shiny and stuff :)

    But we'll see after next summer - if it doesn't get enough use to justify it, I'll sell it.
  12. My wife has a set of saddlebags full of cottage cheese I wish she'd get rid of!
  13. Welcome - you are not alone.
  14. G'day obelisk, as already mentioned Ebay it, I grabbed a pair bags for $120, OK for what I need em for and that is just when I need to pack shit to take away, otherwise I hate the bloody things, and I rip off as soon as I get home.

    me thinks DD looks nicer naked

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  15. Obselik, it's good manners to introduce yourself in the introduction forum!!!

    Try AMX, they have saddlebags cheap, just over $100.
  16. leave him alone .. he said Hi didn't he..

  17. Welcome to the club (Y)

    I find a backpack works fine, have one with a proper chest strap when i'm carrying alot of stuff, but it seems to do the job nicely. Surely you won't have that much to and fro uni? A textbook or two and some other books?
    A saddle however would give you a place to stash all your gear during the day...
    Me personally though, don't much care for saddlebags, they distract too much from the smooth finishing of the bike for my liking

    That's a nice looking bike, if i do say so myself
  18. I dont want to think about what a bag full of books will do to my spine if I crash at 100k. Saddlebags might be more expensive but are safer and might even save the bike from damage if you do come off..........mine certainly did.

    Spend the $100 and buy that bargain.
  19. Provided all that's in your bag is books, and not like, a computer or knives, I'd be more concerned with the straps coming off and choking you...