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Im new and Nosey

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by mischiefmaka, Nov 23, 2009.

  1. The profile set up here is um ...a bit " average" doesn't allow you to tell anyone anything much about yourself really...
    I know some people like to keep to themselves but im just interested in a few basics....just like to know who im chatting with blah blah not wanting to know your pin number , Credit card details , sexual preferences or blood type or anything * however should u want to pass that info on, please feel free to do so :cheeky:
    nothing too hard to begin with..
    Are you male or female?

  2. A better question to start with for some people here...

    "Are you human?" :-s
  3. *looks downstairs*

    boy bits
  4. Are things that dodgy at times TonyE?

  5. not most days
  6. Have you met Vic yet? :) :p
  7. Briefly ....

    Ok hows this?
    are you....
  8. I am Zaphod Beeblebrox, President of the Universe, and inventor of the World's Most Potent Drink, the Pan-Galactic Gargle-Blaster.......

    oh, no wait, sorry about that, he gets out of control sometimes, usually on a Monday night

    I'm Paul, from Wollongong, I'm, irreversibly male, and I have a grandson to prove it....
  9. Tell us more about yourself first miss chief.
  10. LOL Hornett ...like the use of " options" to spruce up your very colourful and informative post....
    Grand kid = old? :rofl: joke joke...

    Smee...What would you like to know?
  11. Grand kid = old? joke joke.

    Trust me, it's no joke being 60 :LOL:....
  12. What you mean no fun?
    Im guna love being old...Means no one will expect anything from me and i can wet my pants without anyone pointing & laughing at me
  13. Oh look , another attention seeker....
  14. I'm unemployed & live with my mum.

    I don't ride right now but I will buy a red Ducati when I get my licence. I wouldn't waste my time with anything less.

    Can't wait to pull monos & ride really fast because I reckon I'll be really good at it. I do that on my pushbike now no problem at all.

  15. what does every man want to know, the size of your jugs?
  16. You beat me to it..
  17. I am male =O 21 from sAdelaide :-(
  18. Is that your current experiences talking,

  19. Why, Im 61 and loving it, Sounds like youve tossed in the towel. Hahahahaha

  20. if you want to know more about Netriders troll the facebook page and find out who's who with the names and forum names list.

    Some people are actually pretty cool