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I'm losing it !

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by Mickyb V9, Aug 8, 2006.

  1. Something strange happen last night.

    I went grocery shopping last night and while at the check out counter, I totally forgot my ATM PIN ! and even now writing this post for the life of me I cannot remember it. Its the same PIN i've been using since opening the account in the early 90s. :shock:

    Anyway, with the stress of forgetting I decided to try out the PIN numbers I thought it was at an ATM machine and subsequently my card has been taken. So i'm even now more pissed, I have to visit the bank this morning to sort it out.

    Times, like this I re-analysed myself while lying in bed last night.
    Is it work stress ?
    Is it because I of the little sickness I had on saturday ?
    I don't drink, smoke or have done or do drugs and generally pretty healthy.

    Whatever it is, its pissing me off because I seriously cannot remember my PIN number. I'm getting confused with other PIN numbers I have.

    Whats worse is that the bike hit reserve on the way home from work. And amazingly I've managed to squeeze 380km out of the tank !!! It was stressful this morning though looking around for coins knowing I have to fill up.

    Time to take a holiday i think !
    It could be a sign !!
  2. To much information. :LOL:

    I do and i can remember mine. :p

    If you trying to think about it ,you won't remember .
    Take a hoilday dude :cool: :LOL:
  3. Put it down to a mental block, Micky, we all have them from time to time...

    Of course, when you get to a certain age ... umm .... what was I saying again??
  4. Thing is, I pride myself with my memory.
    Probably why I have a XL size helmet due to the big RAM space its protecting. :rofl:

    I hardly have mental blocks !

    It maybe a sign of me getting older and time to trade up to a cruiser ! :LOL:
  5. Getting a cruiser is the insanity plea, not just a mental block :)

    Dont worry you'll remember the PIN just as the new card and new PIN number turn up. :rofl:
  6. COINS ??? Haven't you heard about the thing called credit card?
  7. I know a guy who is using XXL Shoei helmet because of the size of his head. But it turned out his head was full of air and no brain. :rofl:
  8. And then they will slug you with fees for returning the card AND....a fee for every time you entered an incorrect pin. A workmate had it out with his bank today because he got slugged $3.00(2 x $1.50) when he used the wrong pin number twice.
  9. So at what age does a "mental block" become a "senior's moment"? :p
  10. Everybody should pull all their savings out of the banks and put them into Credit Unions. No fees, free cheques, etc. Only then will the banks learn....

    As for mental blocks, it is great. I feel like I'm with a new woman every night.....
  11. Gypsy thats because your in the wrong house ,you live next door ,quick get out of there before the husband gets home. . :rofl:
  12. There lies your problem, my grandpa lived till he was 96 and only got old timers in his late 80s. He drank a bottle of stout and a smoked a packet of smokes every day from the age of 18. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  13. heres another for my fun week of losing it.

    I'm going to a fundraising dinner tonight at a pretty swish venue in the city. Its a gala dinner hosted by a jewish organisation. So . . . theres no second guessing where some of the fundraising profits will go ! :rofl:

    It only occurred to me after accepting the invite. :grin:

    It should be fun. i'm expanding my cultural acceptance. :LOL:

    Food better be good.
    David Helfgott will be a guest, so it will be more of a cultural diversifying exercise for me. I need that, I thought hanging around NR guys was enough. :rofl: Just got to make sure I don't crack any jokes !
  14. 5 years beyond whatever your age is when you ask the question. :LOL:
  15. But if he ran around after wild women he might have made it to 100... :LOL:
  16. I forget my pin and other passwords sometimes too, i think it's to do with stress because later in the day when i've calmed down i end up remembering them again.
  17. yeah its probably just stress.
    when I was super stressed and depressed, I forgot my name alot.
    well, i do that now but its more of a case of identity confusion.
  18. Good point. Or how about when you start pulling out the seniors card at Maccas to get a free coffee!
  19. micky wait till you get a missus , you wont be able to even use the card cause it will be maxed out by the girl shopping spree
  20. . . . . thats because your soft ! :LOL: