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I'm losing heart........

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by edgelett, Oct 5, 2006.

  1. Ok short story - been trying to get a new band together for 3 years. finally got hold of people I thought were good & after 12 months it fell apart. Thought about quiting music entirely but was talked out of it by my BF.

    spent a couple of months advertising that I was looking to join an already formed band cause I don't want the crap of trying to get a band together again. Don't find any bands looking for guitarists, but do find several people looking for musicians to collaborate with. end up chosing to work with a vocalist, Miranda. She's got a strong voice & in 2 months of working together we've written 7 songs. But we need a drummer & bass player.

    So we advertise on every music website we can find. We advertise in the trading post. For three weeks no-one even calls. Eventually people do, & they want to hear our music, so we send them some MP3's. Then the fcuking around starts.

    "oh songs are great can I hear more? cool I'll come & audition on the weekend" two days before audition - "oh sorry changed my mind you suck"

    Now for us to audition a drummer I need to organise a fill in bass player for the day. Same (but vice versa) for auditioning a bass player. I go out of my way to make sure I have someone to come on the day - only for these dicks to ring the day before to cancel.

    What is going on?
    is my music that compeltely shit that no-one is interested in playing it? I'm 30 yrs old, this is the longest I've ever gone without playing in a full band (2 years) and without a gig (3 years).

    I just don't know what the hell to do. I feel like I'm putting a lot of effort into something no-one will ever hear.
    I've decided that if no-one calls by the end of next week I'm going to sell all my musical equiment. The whole fricking lot. I just want to go home & smash it all right now.
  2. Edglett anything worth doing is not easy. Don't give up on the dream.

    easy for me to say, I can't play an instrument or sing to save myself.
  3. Maybe you need to head to melbourne?

    A guy i worked with, him and his brother moved from NZ to melbourne just to be part of the scene. A few years later they have a band and signed to an independant label.

    Hows the music scene in adelaide?
  4. i always wanted to play an instrument i had my fair share when i was growing up i tryed keyboard, trumpet, drums and guitar. but never really grasped the basics of them so eventually quit. guess i dont have the patientce to do it. but if it is something u can do and love then surely it is not woth givin up. the day will come when u find somone and u will be grateful u waited for them.
  5. It's always tough to find people that are on the same wavelength musically. I understand the Melb scene a bit but know nothing about the Adelaide one. Still, I find it hard to believe you can't get drummers to come down and try out when you don't even need them to bring their gear.

    Your tunes are great. Why not take another angle on it; see if you can make them work acoustic. A good song should work acoustic, electric, a cappella or on a casiotone. It'd certainly put you out of your zone and might inspire another creative angle.

    You could even investigate putting tracks on minidisc to play with live - which opens up a heap more venues because you don't have a noisy bastard drummer getting your venues fined for noise pollution (happened to me twice).

    You can certainly get out and performing without a full band - taking things under your own control and getting them happening so that if the right rhythm section comes along there's already plenty of activity for them to fit in with...
  6. do you write music or is it a cover band?

    if you're a composer and you want records of your work you can always get a recording studio to worry about the base and drums.

    if its the playing on stage you love, hang in there. 2 years isnt that long.

    finding loyal decent band members is always a struggle. it takes years. i advise you advertise in the right places to attract the right kind of person.
  7. Getting 4 or 5 disparate muso's who don't know each other together to do an originals project is like riding the GOR, with both hands tied behind your back and sitting the wrong way on the bike.... at speed. Been there, done that... as the jump aboard muso... sometimes song writers can be soooo precious about their songs...

    What about hiring some dudes and laying the tracks, then getting some kind of myspace thing happening and working it from there???

    All I can say is good luck with it Edge.
  8. edgelett - can you sing ? If so, go solo, make a racket, get heard, annoy as many people in the Industry as you can, and don't stop.

    write write write write write.........