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Im looking to get a jacket like this.

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by aerodynamic, Mar 21, 2009.

  1. So im looking to get a good quality jacket for riding, that would be able to handle around town riding, if i happened to lowside, would save me from nasty road rash.

    This jacket is NOT going to be for track days or anything similar. Ever.

    I am leaning more towards the Leather type:


    as i prefer the look of these to the other sort of Kevlar, weaving style.

    Couple of questions i have.

    1) will this jacket hold true through a lowside?
    2) a good (preferably australian made) jacket company who make jackets like this.
    3) the average price range ill be looking at.

    I want to have some knowledge of what im looking for before going into my local bike shop

    Thanks! :)
  2. well because the red will make your bike go faster, it might be too busy adding HP to the engine to maintain structural integrity during a crash

    p.s: just go into your local shop and see whats on offer
    leather jackets are designed to survive a crash or two
  3. i want an all black one tbh :)
  4. If you want it to hold up in an accident make sure it's tight, get 1.4mm leather at least and has CE approved amour.
    Could cost from $400 to $1000 depending on where you get it.
    Tiger Angel make a good quality jacket - you'll be looking at the high end of cost though - they also do custom leathers so it will fit like a glove and be almost any colour / style you want
  5. What you've illustrated should be fine.

    All the cheap end jackets are made in India or Pakistan (mostly the latter), and they're ok, but Australian made products are likely to be better - and more expensive. Tiger Angel is top of the range, but there are others.
  6. My RJays cost me $350 on special and has been through two slides with no more damage than a bit of scuffing on the shoulder. Has elbow, shoulder and back protection. Aus company, available at lots of bike shops.
  7. The RST Rift leather jacket is available with either red, blue, grey or black panels and is about $400. I got the grey one last week and fits very well & seems to be decent quality.

  8. Well, I've come out OK from a few crashes in my 30 year old, unarmoured Brando style jacket.

    Personally I really don't like the centre zip styles, but whatever floats your boat. As long as it's good leather and the seams are well constructed, I'd regard it as adequate. These days, buying new, I'd recommend elbow armour at least.

    Try Walden Miller.
  9. Oh, and the other thing to look out for is that any zips/studs/buttons etc are covered when the jacket is done up so they don't scratch the tank. Most jackets have this protection designed in, but not all!
  10. If you're after an Australian-made jacket, you might want to check out Traxion Motorcycle Clothing:


    And also Walden Miller used to make custom motorcycle jackets as well. I'm not sure if they still do though, as I've heard that they're no longer in business:


    Good luck!


    "I live my life a corner at a time.... Knee down!"
  11. laro. I've had mine for about 2 years. The liner ripped a little after a few months, but never got any worse. I have no doubts about the integrity of the leather jacker. It's wearing well and still feels solid.

    Could do with some vents in the back. the latest models may have that.