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I'm looking for you!!

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by lowercase, Oct 17, 2007.

  1. A guy from Victoria recommened that I visit this site and sign up. Well, I have, but now I'm looking for him to thank him.

    To you:
    I called you up from a call centre sort of thing re: forklifts. We got chatting, I have a terrible memory, but I think your name was Patrick? Anywho, you said netrider.net.au
    I wrote it down, a few days later, here I am. Trying to thank you!!

    So where are you?

  2. I see you're not giving up Holly
  3. Won't I do??? :p
  4. I saw. Thank you all for your help! His username is Troy, but his name is actually Sroy.

    We spoke last night and I able to thank him.

    I owe you all big time!!



  5. I'd watch him, he's a HOE!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Nice bike tho!
  7. Fact!
  8. Hahahah thanks for the advice guys?

    But I think the separate states and the fact he has a wife will keep us upart, and leave me un-hoe-d :p

    But... Umm... you're all extremely sweet? :p
  9. ROTFL

    This is a great thread... heheheh!

    Cool that you could find him lowercase! I'm a big fan already of how tight the motorcycling community is!
  10. thanks vic you have tought we me well in the jedi hoe moves :p :LOL:
  11. oh come on......ill give ya a facebook poke if ur naughty lol