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I'm looking for a new bike but don't know what to get...

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Honda24, Aug 9, 2011.

  1. ...I'm looking for a bike with the following:

    • 600-650cc
    • Seat height of at least 800mm or more
    • Naked or tourer

    I'm not after a sports bike cruiser.

    Does anyone here have any suggestions? I know there's a wealth of knowledge here :)
  2. a few naked bikes in that range, honda, kwaka, yamaha,
    what are you using it for?
    new or old bike?
    have you tried any at all as yet?
  3. the all important opening question:

    are you still on LAMS??

    as far as LAMS bikes go i think you're VERY limited within those specs
  4. Ah yes. I'm on LAMS till next March, but I'm looking around now so I have an idea of what I want.

    I'm on a Honda VTR 250 now- I ride everyday to work and did my first trip on it from Melbourne to Apollo Bay two weeks ago.

    I'm looking for something that will commute mostly- if it does long trips that's a bonus. But I think all bikes are capable of that.

    It's mostly really important to get the higher seat height- the VTR is too small for me.

    I haven't tried any bikes yet. I had an epiphany last Friday that I Was ready for a bigger bike, so just working towards that goal now :D

    @ goddie: You're in Essendon? What do you ride? I've probably seen you around :p
  5. DR650 or put a little work in an XR600R to make it better for the road
  6. Hey, I commute citylink to and from town dialy on a red hornet 900, nice upright possie, cb600 is similar from what I hear. the kwaka is similar and I left Suzi out before, yamaha is it fz6 ? but there are options for you out there, just a matter of picking the one more practical for you, then the one you 'get excited' about, you have to like your own bike, irrespective of others opinions, be it good or not, as ultimatley, it's your bike, you own it, and you ride it, so it has to put a smile on YOUR dial!! :)
  7. Suzuki SV650N? Heh, I might be selling mine in the near future as I am getting a Kawa Z750.

    Anyway, the SV is an easy bike to ride, and I commute daily on it.

    Go to svdownunder.com if you want more info on the bike.
  8. Maybe Versys or V-Strom.
  9. Thanks guys! I'll check all of those out.

    @twistngo: I already checked out the V-strom and it doesn't come in the colour I want :p

    Considering all my requirements I find I really like the BMW F800R :D
  10. Other options would be the ducati 696 or Yamaha xj6n. Both fairly upright naked style bikes
  11. Street Triple
  12. Re-reads earlier post & realises he is just going shopping early, sheesh you took your time, I was shoping around for my un-restricted bike virtually as soon as I was off my L's...

  13. "Ah yes. I'm on LAMS till next March, but I'm looking around now so I have an idea of what I want."

    I got the impression from this statement that he was looking for something for when he had finished with his LAMS, not to buy immediately.
  14. Stretch your capacity range and look at a Triumph Tiger 800. Tall, but light and manageable.
  15. +1 awesome bike.
  16. Ducati Hypermotard 796. Falls in the cc range, tall seat, good for the commute, sounds like p0rn and looks the same.

    edit: Sorry, doesn't fall in the cc range, don't know what I was reading.
  17. Buy the Beemer :LOL:
    Look at ST version as well :D
  18. Lol @ spruce. I'll have to check it out.

    Yamaha xj6n was nice looking! Will have to check the specs.

    I'm looking for a bike after my LAMS restriction is over so not too concerned about that.

    Street Triple is on my list of course!

    But now they all must compare to the BMW :D
  19. dont forget the Buell Ulysses! :p
  20. I'm mostly in the same boat as you (although the vtr isn't physically too small for me, but I feel like i'm outgrowing it), the fz-6/8 and sv650 are the top of my list. The er-6 was close but I prefer the yamaha/suzukis as a personal preference. The good thing about the fz and sv is they can grow with you somewhat. It's possible to do some mods on suspension to help their performance when you're ready for it.