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I'm looking for a Desktop Support Role

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Milos, Mar 2, 2006.

  1. Hey All,

    After working with the same company for 4 years, 3 months, 2 weeks and a few days now, i'm in the market for another job.

    Due to losing a few clients (nothing to do with me) and getting rid of on-site support to route all calls via a service desk the only roles available atm are working on a service desk.

    I'm been working in IT now for over 6½ years, and in this role i've been providing Dekstop Support for 4 years, and 8 months was spent as a Network Manager, so i'd rather not take 2 steps back in my career and jump on a helpdesk.

    They realise this, and I'd rather not stick around taking phones call while waiting for a more suitable role to come around. So I have been given a Deed of Release. This give me 6 weeks paid to find another role, attend interviews etc while only getting called in for emergencies.

    So i'm currently looking for a desktop support role, because even though I administrered a small LAN for a while my admin skills need further work.

    So if you know of any positions available feel free to send me a PM.

  2. So you're saying you would be a perfect table or desk leg? :grin:
    Just gotta find a three legged desk/table. :LOL:
  3. seek.com.au had 120 matches for "desktop support" in melbourne

    although i'll keep an eye out for you, i'm looking for an engineering/IT position :)
  4. Well if the pay's right :grin:

    Searched through seek and mycareer, and i've sent my resume through for some. But the more leads i get the better.

    Since i'm selling myself here I should probably add I've got exceptional troubleshooting and analytical skills, so I work very efficiently. My boss can vouch for me on that! :)

    I've worked at numerous clients sites where I expected to turn up and start working immediately, or minimal handover time if i'll be the only point of contact.

    So in summary, i know my sh!t ;)
  5. if you're interested in another novel way of finding work.. try linkedin.com. it's a networking site. you add current/past collegues and you can contact people in their network.

    i currently have access to >30,000 people. last week i chatted to a senior executive about a company i was interested in. :grin:
  6. are you getting redundancy package too?
    or do they class offering you a helpdesk role as not making you redundant?
  7. tempted to give you my job,... but you would laugh at the pay :(
  8. Thought about a career change?

    On reading this thread 18 months ago, I jumped ship from IT and am now an Air Traffic Controller (in training) and LOVING it!

    The training is intense (and probably substantially less pay than you're currently on), but once you get your licence and start the job for real, the hours/conditions/pay are excellent.

    If you're someone who has "got exceptional troubleshooting and analytical skills, so I work very efficiently" then you could be well suited to the job :)

    On the IT front: I haven't had _heaps_ to do with them, and I have no idea if they have any openings at the moment, but the company that took over the support work that I left for ATC seem reasonably switched on : http://www.evolveit.com.au/default.asp
  9. which field of engineering/IT ?

    heya Androo,
    which field of engineering/IT ?
  10. Thanks for the info guys!

    I never really thought about an Air Traffic, I kinda got put off after watching the movie pushing tin :) I also never finished VCE. I had good marks, but I would have failed regardless due to poor attendance. I also didn't complete my tertiary course either. Would they recognise industry experience in place or education? It might be an option down the track. Pay looks good too, after the training.

    Where abouts is the training based?

    Also i'd rather not work for an outsourcing company again. I'd prefer to provide in-house support for a company and progress my way through the ranks instead been sent out to do various roles.

    And no redundacy package, just 6 weeks paid while looking for work.

    And registered with linkedin (thanks for the link!) i've have a hunt around through the site tomorrow when i'm at work.

    This Deed of Release is sounding dodgier by the minute. Boss explained it as you'll get paid for 6 weeks, and you can spend that time looking for work, attend interviews, we'll even set ones up with our contacts at recruiting agencies, and you'll only get called in for emergencies. Signed the paperwork on Monday, was told to go back to the clients site for the next couple of days while they organise getting rid of the on-site support. I've been working full time since, plus i threw in some overtime.

    Sent an email yesterday asking how much longer will they need me to work there. Got a reply today saying hang tight he's working as hard as he can to get me out of there.

    Replied back saying thanks, but if i'm back here next week can we extend the termination date another week. Working full-time doesn't give me a chance to arrange interviews with recruiting agencies to look for work.
  11. good luck with the job search :)
  12. Techsys, as an agency, aren't too bad for IT, neither are Sapphire. Try them.
  13. seems to me everyone is looking for a new job
    :grin: :grin:
    im looking for one as well
  14. Exactly what i was thinking - you need to check your entitlements and the coompanies policy. I would get 3 weeks for each year i ahve been there, all my annual leave, 4 weeks in leiu...

    Check what your entittlements actually are and dont sign ANYTHING.

    Finding a job in that time frame is a big ask, you do not appear to ahve experience or quals that 300million otther IT have who are looking for jobs at the moment.

    Get on the phone to wageline, get some advice quick smart.
  15. I wouldn't mind a night time job.
    say 10pm-4am. I used to do it, as i work form home it would get me out of the house and i could chat to REAL people and not email back and forth all day.
  16. Guys

    The mob I work for (CSC) may be looking for a couple of desktop people soonish. Not sure if they'll be looking internally or externally at this stage, but if external they'll be going through Paxus. Can't hurt to register your resume: http://www.paxus.com.au


  17. if u want to work for a big corp... (and probably work either city/mulgrave/tooronga)...

    Try here

    just search vic metro, and field IT...
    not heaps going just yet... but there was this:
    amongst others

    i don't know if that would be a contracted role or not... i would hope not
  18. If you want to develop your career aim for a small business on the rise...you'll learn all kinds of stuff and as hte business grows be elevated with it.
  19. In all honesty without the pieces of paper you're not going to get into a large company, and you'll struggle to get an interview. Aim small if you don't have qualifications, and try to find somewhere that will pay for you to train.[/code]