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I'm little and my 250 is too big!

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by bluenightstalker, Nov 7, 2007.

  1. I currently ride a Honda CBR 250RR and its a great bike but I'm female and not very big and need a bike which is smaller and lighter but still want a bit of speed to it too. Just wondering if anyone has any suggestions, I've been thinking about a CBR 125R or Aprilia RS125 and I don't know anyone who rides one so I don't know if they're any good or not. I would prefer to stick to a 250cc though so if anyone can think of one smaller than a CBR that would be helpful.

    Opinions would be great!!

    Nat :grin:

  2. Welcome. Try a gpx/zzr/vtr, keeping in mind it can be lowered though suspension/seat carving. Or maybe just look into getting your current cbr lowered for your height? Since they're pretty damn small - cbr250rrs look like midgets next to a zzr250. And cbrs aren't any lighter than most other 250s.

    I'd recommend practice and maybe look into getting it lowered.
  3. One of the problems I have is my arms are too small and I have to stretch over the fuel tank to reach the handlebars (which is incconvenient with boobs too!!!). I've ridden a VTR and they're much higher than the CBR's and I found myself barely being able to reach the ground. I can't reach the ground at all on a zzr and for some reason I don't like the look of them. I don't know much about 125s, I'd like to know if the CBR125 is just a smaller version of the 250 or a different bike that just looks like a CBR.

    :grin: :grin: :grin:
  4. Or try something a bit cheaper and a bit beefier than a CBR125.


    Smaller people are the ones I think this bike will be much more comfortable for.

    For only $3,500, its cheap enough.

    If you are after performance and small tho, u'll have to go two stroke for something smaller than CBR.

    And to answer your question about CBR125 being a smaller version of the 250. It isn't, its very different. Same as the bike I'm showing you as an alternative. The CBR125 and my bike are both cheap, single cylinder bikes. So they rev a lot less, make a lot less power, but are quite light and easy to ride.


    If you sign up on my site you can have access to a full gallery of pictures I've managed to obtain as well as updates as I slowly crawl through the process of having them approved for import into Australia.
  5. A lot depends on what sort of riding you door plan to do in the future. Also how long do you plan on keeping the bike for?

    For any sort of freeway or highway riding I would suggest sticking to a 250 as a minimum.

    Same if you want to have some fun in the twisties. 125 just aint enough for these things IMHO.

    How long have you had the CBRRRRRRRR for? maybe you just need to give it a bit more time?
  6. You are that short??

    I guess boobs would make rwching the bars hard if you have to lay on the tank... :wink:
  7. Will this turn into another 25 page welcome thread? :LOL:

    Unless you're sub-4ft, you can probably get used to the cibby, and they're great bikes. The 125 won't meet your want/need for 'a bit of speed'. If you're pretty fresh to riding, stick with it...bikes feel smaller and smaller the more you ride.
  8. I stopped reading there :twisted: I joke.

    How tall are you? What about something like a VTR250 (Guessing here) - meaning something with a more upright riding position.
  9. I don't think you do joke.... becuase straight after that she said the VTR was too tall.

    If the CBR is too tall for someone, chances are, GPX, ZZR and VTR will be also. A truely smaller bike would be an NSR150 or the one I proposed... which I also intend to sell, so I am certainly very biased... but you get that :p

    To be honest, as biased as I am, I actually found the bike because I wanted something small to convince my GF to start riding. Much browsing of bikes available I found the 200cc mini-CBR1000 look-a-like. When I found it wasn't available in Aus, I checked out the import process, when I found out it was pretty much all or nothing, I decided to make a business out of it.

    I really do think it is a great bike for girls who are smaller and slighter builds. Because I just thought, do I really want my GF on a two stroke when she doesn't know how to ride... answer is no. Something very light, not too much top end power, smooth power delivery, and doesn't cost much, so when she drops it, no tears form around my eyes.

    My sister rides bikes and got herself a lowered GPX, both her and my other sister dropped it because it was too heavy and too tall. There really is room in the market for smaller bikes that are lady friendly.
  10. If you don't mind something older... Honda Spada maybe.
  11. I lowered my GPX approx 1.5 inches via a lowering link, like this one -> http://tinyurl.com/2kn79s
    Cost about $70 and was quite easy to install. I'm 156cm tall, and while won't ever flat foot the bike, can sufficiently handle it.

    The seating is more upright on the GPX, and you don't need to lean over the tank much at all. The distance to the handlebars is also quite manageable for those of us with short arms :grin:

    I would avoid a 125cc if possible - I nearly bought one because it was small and light, but would have outgrown the power in about a month or so. I thank my lucky stars that I was talked out of it.
    The sales guys at Honda said that the cbr125 maxed out at around 80km/h, and having had a 4 stroke 125cc trail bike, that seems about right (give or take some sprocket/gearing differences)

    Sat on an 07 cbr250, but it was way too tall.
  12. What does an '07 CBR250 look like?
  13. I'm guessing I stuffed up and meant CBF250 :grin:
  14. Had me excited for a moment... lol.
  15. wow, you must be short and/or well equipped. Welcome to netrider

    If you want to keep the same performance, maybe just a cbr250r, different seating position, otherwise similar. Also you could try the zx2r or fzr250 or gsx250r, just for a similar bike, but slight differences. :twisted:
  16. You could try some adjustable bars which connect onto the fork tubes instead of the standard clipons, which really make you lean forward.

    The hi-rise bars would require the removal of the fairing.

    An NSR150 is almost as quick as a cibby (some say quicker) and is great fun. It is light and my wife, who is 5'2" with a short upper body can easily touch the ground and still reach the bars.

    The RS is also a good bike. I like the Cagiva Planet 125 and will probably trade the NSR on one of those, one day.

    All the best

    Trevor G
  17. Thanks for all the info, I really want something four-stroke and still a little beefy so keep the suggestions coming cos I'm looking into all of them!

    :grin: :grin: :grin:
  18. The CBRRRRRRRRR was bought about seven months ago as my first bike and it was bought with the intention of keeping it for a few years. But I've had a few problems since the day it was bought from Peter Stevens in Dandenong, when it broke down on me on the way home in peak hour traffic on a really big hill and the only way it wanted to go was backwards once it stopped! So that almost scared all the riding out of me! I'd only had my learners permit for about 3 hours! My confidence on a bike hasn't come back yet, I was almost killed by the mass of peak hour cars coming behind me but I'm obviously still alive and kicking to be telling the story!
  19. Have a chat with Black Betty, she's only little (probably kill me for saying that :LOL: ) but she had her VTR lowered a bit and loved it. Now she's riding an SV650s.

    Heaps better learner bike than the CBRRRRR.
  20. When it's screaming it's head off, singing for it's supper.

    The problem is they have no torque down low, and they are a pain in city traffic.