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I'm leaving maybe

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by The_brick, Aug 30, 2007.

  1. Well got a job offer O.S today
    So I'm thinking of selling my 12 (any offers :LOL: )

    Hold on back to the story :roll:
    Looks like a 12 mth contract on a island silghtly more tropical than Victoria
    and thats not Tassie
    Departure is in Jan
    Lots of thinks to do by then
    I have my house to rent?
    2 bikes to sell
    ok this is getting to hard
    will keep you posted

    And I'm still going for my 4 day ride in sept but looks like i have no one to go with :shock:

  2. Best of luck with whatever happens mate. :)
  3. Russ that sounds like a great opportunity :grin:

    But do you have to sell your bike? Wouldn't you like it waiting for your return? :cry:
  4. Would be interested in expanding my fleet with a 12. Can keep in touch as next year looms!
  5. Will get formal offer next week
    Then its time to work out if I go or not :shock:
    The 12 will be up for sale at the end of the year anyway
    I was planning on buying a new zx10r due feb,march:cry:
  6. Sounds like you have some major decisions to make then Russ :grin:

    Hope it all works out for you :cool:
  7. I can think of someone who'd be happy to look after it for you. :grin:

    Seriously though - all the best with whatever you decide to do. So where O/S is it? Cos I'm on an island and it's kind of over seas. :LOL:

    ps..no can do the ride. Sorry. :(
  8. Well Its bigger the Phillip Is
    Vanuatu is were I hope
    could be Figi or Solomons
    Will find out next week
  9. Your profile says your a pastry chef.
    Want to take a second year apprentice with you? :p
  10. Hey Russ, although we dont catch up all that often, will miss ya mate if you go. And i can look after the 12 for you.. You know i will make it all shiny again. :p
  11. Hey, I'll look after your house AND your 12 :grin: