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i'm joining team green

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by abvc, Feb 23, 2009.

  1. i just bought a 2008 zx6r considering it was the best deal i could get.

    With no regret, it is a finely made machine. i just get used to it the first time i started. the bike runs 70km/h nicely on 6th gear @ 4000 rpm.

    bought off Peter stevens in ringwood, it must had been old stock from 1300 kawasaki :p anyway the service was excellent and the deal was too good to be missed.

    ps: anyone know/has picture for mounting rear stand on these?
  2. Wow nice bike!!!

    What happened to the GPX250 and giving up riding? Glad you changed your mind.
  3. You are hereby officially banned from Netrider for having a pristine, clean garage :evil: :p :LOL:.
  4. :LOL: well yeah... gotta get a job now.
  5. welcome. and how a garage should look.. give you a case to drop over and sort mine out
  6. Nice bike and Kawas should not come in any other colour, but do these things have phenomenally short gearing?
  7. mines about the same i think. remember you are on a 1250 that must do 2000rpm at 130km
  8. Yeah :LOL: 125km/h @ 4000RPM :wink:
  9. it sort of have excellent support for any situation. considering that break in period is no higher than 4k rpm. of course the power is abundance at higher rpm :wink::grin:
    i'd say lowest recommended rpm is ~3k
  10. as far as the rear stand goes is there not threaded mounts for spools on one of these ?. if so you're sorted. go to www.kaneg.com.au we netriders get a deal of something like $125 for stand and spools.
  11. that's a good point. i checked that there are two.. threaded holes on both swingarm.

    yep i'll check Pter Steven hopefully they still stock it. last time bought rear stand off them.

    the slipper clutch i can say is excellent; no different than the old gpx if not better. the lime green is growing into me. reminded me of ford livery colors :LOL:

    ow the bike is very very stable, comes with bridgestone OE
  12. Bloody tree hugging greenies.
  13. okay new picture is in :wink:
  14. more showing off of clean garage
  15. a good wipe with kerosene would give a nice clean freshie garage :)
  16. woo. good finding & mods.

    anyway how exactly to 'bridge the black/yellow wires to the green/dark green wires across from each other in the connector'?

    also I think zx6r is born to be with bridgestone? remember the long swingarm used by Casey and imitated by Rossy?
  17. What can i say great choice on the bike enjoy :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: